Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Yeah, I got suckered into buying it and then suckered into watching it last night..

What's it?

Twilight. Bah.

The girl has seen it 19 million times but wanted to lay in my bed and watch it with me, than got up and said I'm tired there's about 15 minutes left to watch, goodnight..


I didn't want to see it in the first place, but I can't pass up the opportunity to cuddle with my girl, something that happens rarely now that she is older. So, I did it and then ended up watching the end of it by myself!

The movie was awful. The acting sucked, the plot was bad... it just sucked all the way around, but maybe cause I'm an adult and not some hysterical girl who thinks that "Edward" is cute. Ick.

Still not feeling like myself. I'm beginning to think that this is the new normal for me. I don't hold food down well, if at all. I'm always cold, which new dude says is probably because I never eat, though I do eat, just not very much at all. My voice is all raspy and horsey with a cough that won't go away. I have very little energy to do much, my house is a mess and I'm totally disgusted with it. I take a ton of vitamins so one would think that I would have at least some energy. I've fallen behind in my email replies and feel like shit about that. I've just found 2 new/old friends (one I've written about, the other found me today)which is exciting, but I just don't seem to have the energy to catch up like I should especially with these two, both women and both who mean a lot to me.

I promised myself that I would close my eyes and try to sleep early last night and all of the sudden it was 3am and I didn't know what happened, only that I still had my eyes open and was wide awake. Up at 8am this morning, to take the girl to new dudes house, so he could cut her hair and do a trial mock up hair do for her prom (which reminds me, I must tell you about her prom "date" or the lack of one now and yes, new dude cuts hair, but doesn't have a license here in NV - he worked under Paul Mitchell for 8 years I think). I told the girl on the way to his house to watch him, cause new dude does a lot of sighing and ohhhh and ummm and stuff.. and it makes me laugh all the time. Then she cracked us both up cause she said, OMG my mother is hanging out with you too much because she sounds like that EVERY MORNING NOW and it makes me crazy! I guess in the mornings I've picked up this bad habit from him (though he does it all day and night) with the sighing and the uhhh and the ahhh and heavy breathing. I've caught myself doing it a few times since we got back home today, which is making me laugh and annoyed at myself all at the same time, but at least I realize I am doing it now so am working on NOT doing it, cause really - it's annoying when he does it constantly.

Ok, nap time. I know I shouldn't take a nap, but I'm so freaking tired my eyes are rolling in the back of my head. I plan on cleaning house tomorrow (key word, "plan", who knows if it will happen) I really want to go to the Mountain on Thursday, sit and "chillax", take some pictures and breathe some fresh air.. so many things I want to do and no energy to do it. Am going to talk to the doctor next time I go in for a weigh in. See if there is a vitamin I am not taking that may help me out... I take so many, including Prenatal ones since they are good for you, I can't imagine that I am missing any. I'll probably get harrassed about not eating 3 meals a day. I'm lucky if I eat one a day and keep it down.. I'm just not hungry, even though I know I should try to eat 3 small meals a day, just tired of throwing up all the time.



Diane said...

First, thanks for your advice RE the neighbor's dog. I wrote a note back that I'd never open someone's door... when I did it, no one was actually living in the house. I don't think they're mean people, though... just a bit stupid :).

Second, I hated Twilight, too! I was bored out of my mind. Glad to know someone else shared my enthusiasm.

Third, go to the doc, girl! Not that you asked for my 2 cents... but the way you're feeling doesn't sound good at all!

Lea said...

Diane: I think from your account of the situation that they are stupid people too. And stupid people should not have animals or kids. ;) I hope that they get fined or something and take better care of the little guy.

It's SO nice to know I'm not alone in the bored out of my mind catagory regarding Twilight. I just can't find what the attraction is nor could I figure out the connection to the Mormon Church was, however, there are 4 books in the Twilight series, all of which my daughter has read and suggests that I read too, that perhaps I could find some connection, who knows.. ('cept I rarely read fiction and frankly I'm just not interested enough in Vampires to read the books!)

Unfortunately, I am allergic to almost every antibiotic out there. While I am often given a Zpack, I still get really sick from it, to the point that I simply don't have the energy to take it this time, even though it would eventually make me feel better, I don't like how it makes me feel while on it and a for days later. So, really unless this turns into pneumonia, I won't even bother, just let it run it's course, though it takes so much out of me and takes me so long to get well. I also think it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm just not eating like I should be, 3 small meals a day. I was thinking about it earlier after I posted, that I might need some iron, which is something I don't normally take - another thing to bring up to the doctor next month when I go in.
Thanks for leaving a comment!

mom2boys said...

Hey Lea.

Hope you start feeling better soon!
About Twilight, The books are 100 times better than the movie. I liked the movie, but the acting just about ruined it for me. The only connection with Mormons(LDS)is the author(Stephenie Meyer)is a member of the church. She is an awesome writer. If you ever read them let me know what you think. :)

JoeinVegas said...

Ooo - an upcoming Prom tale.

Lea said...

Belinda: That's interesting! I didn't know the writer was LDS, cool. I'm a huge book reader and currently am reading 4 different books... I actually don't read fiction much, though in this stack there is a fiction book to lighten the mood up since the other ones are pretty heavy... I doubt I'll read the books, however, if I do, I will be sure to blog it!

Joe: Don't have a prom story YET, but I've got a kind of before prom story.. will blog it quickly, I still have other things I need to write about cause I did promise a part 2 or more to my breakdown post and there's so much I keep saying I am going to do and don't seem to be getting it done! I swear, I'm trying!

Before prom story coming right up.

Solanaceae said...

Bwaaaahahahahahahahahaha you sat through Twilight!?! LOL I made it about 10, maybe 15 minutes before I bailed. Never, ever again, not even for my favorite 18 year old. I won't even read the books. Don't sweat the slow email ... I'm not going anywhere! Also, I don't know if they still exist but there used to be a product called Double X vitamins. At the time I was taking them I felt great, lost weight, slept better, had tons of energy and when my doctor checked them out she said there were the best supplements she had ever seen, even better than prenatal vitamins she could prescribe. Now don't laugh but I got them trough Amway of all places! I high recommend them!

Lea said...

Hey Sol, I'm holding up 3 fingers, can you read between the lines?? CHILLAX! My eyes were rolling in the back of my head, but I was only watching it for the girl. Amway, oy vey! You'll get that email soon.. Oh and I wasn't sitting, I was laying in my bed with my legs laying over the girls legs in a sort of wrestling type move (I learn those from watching wrestling with the boy) and she kept trying to get out of because, MADRE* YOUR MAKING MY LEGS GO NUMB.

I will say this, at least I wasn't yelling MPG ACTIVATE.. instead every 5 minutes or so, I would say CHILLAX, not to loud, a soft whisper with my raspy voice, until about an hour of me saying it, out came...

MOM ENOUGH ALREADY! ha, I am such a juvenile.

*she calls me madre, mama, mommy, mother, mom, ma and the boy calls me mama, mom and mommy.