Sunday, November 28, 2010


I've been reading through my blog, trying to find my grams eulogy which so far has remained elusive...I have noticed though that in October of 2008, I made comments regarding the election and all the election noise that was bothering me and surprise! I felt the same way this year as I did in 2008! Even going as far as remembering that I had said much the same things in the same words and indignant manner, both year.

Too bad I can't go further back - just to see if by some wonder of a miracle, I might have done SOME growing? By the looks of it, there's been no growth in that area at least for the last few years!

Oh well, back to see if I can find the eulogy.

And for you're enjoyment, here's one of my Nova girl at Thanksgiving. I'm waiting for the ones of her and I to come through from my daughter in law and I'll post those when I get them. A week with her wasn't enough!

The beautiful little family.
All my kids and I.
Nova and her mama.
Nova and her "grandpa" Kip.
Nova and her Uncle Chance.