Monday, February 22, 2010

Still going...

As far as I know Tom and I are still together though it's getting rather difficult.. I've met a few men that have wanted to date me that I have turned down, even though I haven't seen him in over a week... One I kind of like too.

I hadn't heard from him since Thursday night - so at 5 last night (Sunday) I left a message asking him if he had broken up with me again and just hadn't told me yet. He called at 545am this morning woke me up, but I had to get up anyways. He's been sleeping. Probably taking his pills and going to sleep... he's depressed he can't find a job. I understand this, but I don't think it's appropriate to go like that without calling me - unless we aren't committed and I just don't know.

I miss intimacy. I miss holding hands, being held. All that....

I'm confused, but I owe it to me to see where this goes.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines day

First time in many years that I haven't been single on this day. He is laying next to me sound asleep, while I of course have insomnia. I'm making eggs, bacon, latkes and ♥ shaped regular pancakes.

I'm still taking this really really slow. I met a man a few days before Tom called me and he's been calling me now, not sure what to do. I don't cheat, but are we committed? I don't know because I'm doing things different this time and haven't asked him. Last time we talked about marriage within a few weeks, we went way to fast - now I won't even discuss it.

I don't call Tom, unless it's a return call. He calls me for the most part. I did invite him over for dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow morning and I did get him a small valentines day present, a coffee mug with a little bear in it that's holding a heart that says love on it... so we'll see what happens...

On another note, today I began my working out hoping that I can keep it going. I lifted 30 pounds 20 times. Then I did my ab cruncher thingie...

I guess I better go and try to sleep, since he gets up early and I'll have to too.

Nova is growing and growing faster and faster...

Am I right or wrong, or does this gorgeous grand daughter of mine have the most beautiful blue eyes? My son is an awesome father, (my DIL is an awesome mother too) But he has this one flaw...

He wanted Nova to look just like her mother, dark hair and dark brown eyes! LOL (my DIL is beautiful son it wouldn't be a bad thing!) If she is anything like my boys were, she'll have blond curly hair with those big huge blue eyes..What a little angel she is.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

There's more pictures than these, but these are some of my favorite. I'm so glad that we are mature enough to get along, unlike the mother of Tessa's dads other two girls who freaked out that he found us and spent time with us, even though they haven't been together for over 16 years - but she did try her hardest to get him away from me for about a year and was all in her glory that I split and she had him to herself, though he left her eventually... he never loved her and was only with her for the drugs.. no reason to freak out that he found us, he was in the other 2 girls life for most of the their lives and never in Tessa's. You'd think she'd be happy that he finally found her - but some people never grow up and she's one of them. Bummer. She's also not happy he is with Jacque - where I found her to be a wonderful woman and am happy that he has met someone who is both good for him and he loves. I like her too. But then, I am a different type of woman than the ones he typically goes out with - as is Jacque - her and I got along terrifically... so, here are some of the pictures taken while they were out here!

Tessa's dad Lonnie and I - 20 years after we met.

Me and Jacque (Lonnie's girlfriend)

Tessa and I taking a break from playing pool

Lonnie and Tessa, driving the boat on Lake Mead

Lonnie and Tessa, with Jacque driving boat on Lake Mead

Tessa driving boat getting a hug from Jacque

Tessa hamming it up at Lake Mead

My beautiful girl

Dad and Daughter together after 18 years!

Dad and Daughter walking the Las Vegas Strip

Tessa (wearing her dads coat cause it gets cold in the desert!) Lonnie and Jacque

Tessa and Jacque all smiles!

He called...

Local guy, called. Superbowl Sunday, asked me to spend the day with him.. so I did. Asked me to come home with him, but I had to get home to my son first. Asked me if I would come over afterwards - so I did. We talked. We agreed we went to fast. He said he was miserable without me, he just couldn't see his life without me - but there's more. He feels like he won't be around much longer... not around like in Vegas, but alive and he didn't want me to watch him die. I don't know where that comes from and wasn't sure how to respond...

I told him that he was the first man in 2o years that I had been able to open up to and that any time I had with him was what I wanted. We will move slower this time. I decided that I was going to do things different on my end as well. I do not call him, unless he asks me to call him. He however calls me everyday and while we don't see each other everyday, I am okay with this, taking it slow this time. He tells me he loves me, he tells me he missed me every moment I was gone, that he thought about me all the time. I love him, but I am keeping my heart close to my soul and not opening it up fully this time, not yet, not now, perhaps eventually I will - well, yes, I will if it continues, but I do have a small wall built up - I have a feeling he knows it, cause he too is different. Rather than me always the one to go to him and kiss him, he comes to me, he pulls me close to him, he takes my hand in his when we are out (we've only been to the market and the bar that one time for superbowl) but HE is the one that shows all the affection. I return it, but I don't initiate it as I did before. Marriage is not brought up and I will NOT be the one to bring it up. I spent Sunday night with him and he gave me his house key. Last time, I gave him mine, but not this time. I'm waiting.

I believe in second chances, but I also believe that I need to keep myself at a distance for now. He will NOT hurt me again, even should he break up with me again, I will not allow it. I'm doing my best to think positive, to believe him when he says he was miserable without me.. why would he say that if he wasn't, yet he still does not get my house key this time.

My family and some friends have berated me, telling me I'm stupid, not in those words but close enough. Pissed me off that right now I'm not talking to any of them. I was happy with him, very happy and so sad when not with him... AND since the time I spent with Tessa's father, I was able to close that chapter finally. While I still care about him, that intense feeling I had for him is no longer there and I've finally figured out that I would not take him back should he and his girlfriend break up - I love him because he is my daughters father and he is doing his best to show us that he is a changed man, which he is, but I'm no longer in love with him. Finally. If I can give him a second chance, there's no reason why I cannot give local guy a second chance.

I finally got the pictures of our visit with him and will post a few after this post. Being with local guy, who I will call Tom, since that's his name, feels right, feels so right...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New pants....

Size 12. Not sure when I last wore a size 12. In my teenage years all I wore were 501 button up levis....

Go me!