Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2 1/2 weeks before prom...

The girl I have raised, is amazing. Sure I have raised her alone for 18 years, but I'm not quite sure I can take complete credit for her amazingness. I think that it's a mixture of nature and nurture, I think she simply has this incredible personality and was born that way.

She is well loved by many. Very popular at school, but not a cheerleading type popular. She wins awards for having the best personality, most spirited and other things.

She just is what she is and I am proud of her. Yes, in many ways she is like me and in the way of this story, she is most definetly like me.

She came home, excited one day to tell me that she had asked this guy that I'd heard about for a few weeks now, to the prom and he said yes. I hadn't met him but told her I would like to meet him before prom, for various reasons of course, but I did have one main agenda, to let him know MY rules for the prom. No after prom parties, no hotel rooms and I told her that I would entertain a limo ride down the strip after the prom.

On saturday we went and got her prom dress. On Saturday evening, she texted this "guy" and I use the word loosely and asked if he would like to hang out. I find out the next morning when she came in crying to me, that he had texted her back (though I think it was a girl that did it) "Don't text me again, I have a girlfriend". Ohh... I was pissed. That mother bear came out of me and I wanted to go run him over in the parking lot of the market he works at. HOW DARE HE DO THAT TO MY CHILD.

I held her till she could breathe. I told her that he was the asshole and that this was not a reflection on the person she is. She looked at me and said she didn't want to go to the prom. I told her that she should think about it before making that decision and she told me she would. I asked her what she did in response to the text message...

"I deleted it, then I deleted his number from my phone". Ha. She is so like me. Then she looked at me and asked me what I thought about her going to the prom without a date.

"I think that you should go" I told her, "Hold your head up high, with the grace and dignity you possess, go with your friends, dance, enjoy yourself and show him and everyone else that you are better than he is".

She is still going. I may have to take her and pick her up, which is fine. And I may have to have another pep talk with her and that too is fine, but she was all smiles today when we were at new dudes house and she was telling him exactly what she wanted done with her hair. She is at the mall right now picking out shoes for her dress. She is on spring break right now, so hasn't had to face him yet, but she has this week to get passed it. I've asked her if she has spoken to him and she says no and that she has no intention in speaking to him. I'm fairly certain she will stick to her guns. Like me, she is not one to stick around if someone doesn't want her around, a lesson that took me to my late 20's early 30's to learn and she is 18 and has learned this, amazing!

I think he was a coward in the way it was done and he should hope that he never comes face to face with me, as I will tell him what a coward he is. And I think she is the greatest kid in the world and have let her know each day.

How would you have handled it if you were in her place, what about mine if you were in my place? Seriously..


Tabitha in Bliss said...

I would have handled it just as you did Lea. the mama bear it me rose up and she's not even my daughter. LOL

It's very nice to meet you new friend!

Lea said...

Tabitha: Thanks! It's a pleasure to meet you, I am awe inspired by the things you do from reading your blog and am happy you have found your way over here! I look forward to reading more of your journey and helping you along when I am able to.

lisa24n7 said...

My insides would have gone postal on this "guy." But, like you, I would have encouraged her to go anyway- after all, it will be prom night- we only have a couple opportunities to enjoy this event. Good going my friend. hugs :o)