Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Insomnia.. of course.

I have, as usual, insomnia. So, I opened up my computer and started reading my blog writings from last year, which was pretty much next to nil.

I miss writing. I miss the words pouring through my fingertips. But, admittedly, I am lazy. I get distracted easily. I find something else on the computer to go to rather than my blog and I go to it and completely ignore of forget my blog. I guess I wanted this blog to go a different direction than it did, maybe even go as far as making me some money - but the laziness, the easily being distracted it all gets in the way.

I need to try harder. I need to DO it, not just think about it. There's so much inside of me, so much that I need to purge out of me, to find answers through those that are my faithful readers. I need to stay off of Facebook, since it's driving me crazy.. well FB itself isn't, but a few people on there are. It is effecting my relationship, HE is allowing drama into our lives, through Facebook, texting and phoning and while more often than not, as I am learning more and more about me and that which surrounds me, I am not lowering myself to the level of others that have no business being in my life, I still do at times and then I am pissed at myself.

I know if I blog, that I will arrive at the answers I need, either through just seeing what I have written or through comments left for me. Perhaps I am not ready for the answers and that is why I am allowing myself to be so easily distracted... yes, that is probably right on the button.

So, while I don't make resolutions for new years, I only try to continue doing the good things I did the year before, making the small changes I want to make and keeping up with those changes that I made last year. But, I would like to try and commit myself to blogging again, as best as I can. Baby steps. Taking baby steps. I may or may not blog, but I have it in my mind again and so hopefully, I will...

Until next time,

Saturday, January 22, 2011


My granddaughter is now 15 months old. Yeah, I can't believe it either! She's walking and talking and smiles all the time. Here's a few newer pictures of her - not sure if I've posted them or not and too lazy to even check... She must be the cutest punkin I have ever laid my eyes on... I am totally in love with her.

Today, Nova decided she wanted to choose the shoes she would wear, so she did and a perfect job of it she did!
Nova and her Daddy, Thanksgiving Day 2010
My family. Left to Right - Tessa, Chance, Morgan, Me and of course my little Nova Leone!
Thanksgiving Day 2010

Nova just LOVES Kip. This was Thanksgiving Day. She'd rather look at him than have Nana hold her or play with her LOL

Three generations. My Dad, My Son and My Granddaughter whose giving her Papa kisses!

Thanksgiving 2010
With her Uncle Chance, day before Thanksgiving 2010 wondering what those things are in his lips. Ugh, his ears make me cringe!
My beautiful kids - a beautiful family. Amanda my Daughter in Law, Morgan my Son and my gorgeous granddaughter Little Miss Nova Leone. A few days after Thanksgiving 2010, before they headed home.
Nova walking!
Hamming it up in her Birthday TuTu. What a personality this baby has. EVERYONE who meets her falls in love with her!

Just a reminder..

I have a new blog going on, One Day, Everyday. I've challenged myself to take a picture a day for this year and post it on my facebook page. I then decided that I would also create a new blog for it and do the same here!

Although I've been pretty good at posting my photos and a caption on FB, I've not been so good doing it here. So, today I decided that I will be doing it here (well over here actually http://onedayeveryday2011.blogspot.com) once a week. I'm shooting for Saturday through Friday, 7 days with 7 pictures and explanations of each picture. So today, I have 2 posts. One of 1.12.11 and then one of 1.13.11 through 1.21.11 (though I am missing 1.18.11 as you'll see I mention on that blog) but from now on it'll only be 7 pictures.

It's been kind of interesting trying to find things during my ordinary and boring day as you'll see by some of the photo's I've taken lol but I carry my camera with me everywhere now, so hopefully there will be some interesting or intriguing shots I can share! I just hope you all can get through the really boring ones to find what I hope will be some gems. (Did I mention that for my Christmas present I bought myself a new camera? A Canon Rebel xs EOS 1000D. I purchased it at Sams Club for an awesome price and it came with an extra zoom lens and a few other extras. I couldn't pass it up, not for the price and the extras it came with and as I warm up to it, I'm finding it to be the best camera I've ever owned, aside from my very first 35mm Minolta that I was given some 30 years ago) I will reveal this if I haven't already, but one of my dreams aside from writing and having my memoir published (which would be based loosely on my life, from my journals that I have kept since the age of 11) is to also publish a "coffee table" type photographic book. I just don't know what the "theme" would be, or if I would even have one. How I wish I was able to go to different parts of the world (I have been to several other countries, but all before the age of 13) and take photo's of children, wildlife, nature or something of that sort. Perhaps one day I can fulfill both those dreams.

So, check out the new blog! Leave comments if you want, but no need to tell me I'm boring, I already know that and believe me if I didn't know that before, I certainly know that now! Haha!

I hope you enjoy, a day in the life of me, One Day, Everyday. Who knows, I may just continue doing it each year - we shall see.


Monday, January 10, 2011

I've taken on the task...

Of posting a picture a day on my facebook account and decided that I would also like to do it here. While my life is a bit mundane, I thought it would be fun to record an everyday photo. I am calling it One Day, Everyday. I know it's now the 10th of January, but I am going to post the 10 pictures I've already taken in a new post for each day. I also hope to start blogging again on a more regular basis...as well as start my granddaughters blog up again. Eventually, if I can find the time and resources, I'd also like to start doing reviews of products again.

You can find the new pictures at http://onedayeveryday2011.blogspot.com/

So without further ado... On with the show!