Sunday, April 19, 2009


Dad is in the hospital again. He has blood in his poop. He told me that he was bleeding from the bottom, not a subject I guess he is comfortable talking about around me, cause I said, IN YOUR POOP? And he hesitated than said, yes... ha, leave it to me to break the ice, so to speak.

Thankfully, not his heart. Doctor says that he should be just fine, that around the colon there are tiny vessels that bleed and so, they are doing a colonostopy (spelling?) tomorrow and can zap them shut while in there, if that is what it is. It's not the hemorrhoids (yep, I asked if he had those, I'm just open like that!) After a few minutes discussion, he didn't sound so uncomfortable, so way to go me! Talking about blood in his poop is, I'm sure, not a conversation he wanted to have with his daughter, but me having no fear in discussing anything just brought him along in the conversation.

The girl came into my room earlier this morning and said, Mom. I just rolled over and looked at her and said, "What did you do?" (I'm just good like that, can tell from her tone she had something to tell me that she figured I'd be angry about)

Girl:"I need to tell you something but I'm afraid you'll get mad"
Me: "What did you do?" (sitting up now)
Girl:"I went to that concert last night but it wasn't a concert"
Me: (sitting completely up now)"What was it?"
Girl: "A rave"
Me: (Now completely alert and just a little upset but hiding it)"A rave? Did you do drugs or drink?"
Girl: "No"
Girl:"I didn't leave my water anywhere either and when I did, I got a new one."
Me:(more relaxed now)"Ok"
Girl:"Will you let me go again, Mom? Don't you trust me?"
Me: "I trust you, it's others I don't trust and I'll have to think about letting you go again. You should have texted me as soon as you realized what it was, so I could make the decision last night."
Girl: "Well, I was home at 11"
Me: "Yeah, so probably I'd let you go again."
This is an 18 year old girl, who's never smoked a cigarette, never done drugs, never has had sex... this is a GOOD 18 year old girl, unlike me at her age. I was already 2 years in a relationship with the man who would eventually become my husband, then my ex husband, but at 18 he had cheated on me and I moved to Hawaii (Maui) for nearly a year, then came back only to move to Texas with him and got pregnant then married. She is so not like me. I think I did a good job with her, as opposed to the job I'm doing with the boy - I just don't know how to raise a boy... especially one as wild as mine.

Oh and apparently, a buff good looking guy came up to her and said, I like the way you look, I'm a chubby chaser. HA! This kid of mine isn't fat, but has a little bit of chunk in the waist area. I laughed, while saying... "was he kind of short?" Yep, about her height which is 5'7. I had to laugh again, cause it seems short men (who neither of us particularly are attracted to, though new dude is my height and I think he is good looking) most always like chubs or women who are heavy set. But, I told her to hold out hope, because both Glen and Matt are over 6' and both like women who are heavier, as opposed to small skinny women. Even though this guy said he is a chubby chaser and while it's kind of rude, we looked on the other side, the shiny side and decided that she should take it as a compliment, which put a big smile on her face. I asked if she gave him her number and she looked at me and said, Mom, I don't give my number out to guys I just meet. I'm so proud of her! She really has her head on straight when it comes to the opposite sex. Not like most girls who are her age or she hangs out with, all seem to be really boy crazy and are sexually active.. She is more of a leader than a follower...

Now if only I could figure out how to change the path I see the boy going down, all will be perfect in the family part of life. Dad says he needs to be in more organized sports, so tomorrow I am calling the baseball guy and see when the next club ball starts and get this boy of mine back into baseball (he won't play little league anymore and I don't blame him since the coaches all suck).

On another note. We finally figured out why we (new dude and I) are always getting sick after hanging out with each other. We spend most of the time in his room (he rents a room from a "common house")... his landlord and him found black mold in the air conditioning vent. Which blows on us all night long and explains his cough and my chest always heavy. Plus, when I sleep there, I'm both cold and sweating constantly. I spent the night there (and no, we do not have sex, but we do cuddle in bed)and at 8am I got up said I needed to go home. I was SO cold and today, I don't feel so good - so, I'm pretty sure it's the a/c. We don't hang out here at my house because the kids mostly and my house isn't very clean right now (because it takes me days to recuperate after being with him most of the weekend)... but this week is housecleaning week, Spring cleaning! He's doing the girls hair on Saturday for prom (btw, she got a new date!) so hopefully we will just hang out here Saturday night instead of his place.

Just a bunch of rambling thoughts in my head that I thought I would put out there. Boring I know, but right now, my life is boring. Don't say I didn't warn you the other day when I said I was bored with my life - though now I see why... IT IS BORING!!

Oh and I met the new dudes ex girlfriend. I wasn't impressed. And she apparently told him that I was a bitch to her. Just because I wasn't all smiling and making small talk with her, which she did her best to do with me and all I could do is nod my head (with a smile on my face) to her, I'm a bitch. Bummer. He told her that I wasn't a bitch, but a sweetheart. I then asked him how old she was, because she looked like she was older than me and it turns out she is nearly 10 years younger than me! I was surprised. And she thought I was closer to her age and was surprised when he told her I was coming up on 45 (which is older than both of them)so that made me feel good!

Enough of the rambling. Hope everyone is having a good Sunday!



always_317537 said...

Hey Lea! I hope everything goes well with your dad. Good to see your daughter is a leader and not a follower. That is really good for these days :) Come over and check out /or enter my 3 giveaways that are going on. They are pretty good. I have quite a few lined up too.(Thanks for all your good input,I am doing well) :)

Have a great day!


annie kelleher said...

hey there -hope all goes well with your dad and hope you and the new dude are happy together... sending much love and warm hugs... xoxox.... annie

Yaya said...

Don't you just HATE meeting the ex??

Your daughter sounds so good! You should let her go again.

Your dad's situation sounds treatable, right?

Lea said...

Leslie: Will check out your giveaways! Glad you are doing well!

Annie: So good to hear from you! Hope things are good with you!

Yaya: Yep Dads situation is treatable as far as I can tell from what he is saying. Doctors think he will do just fine and feel that better he has a it done now then before his heart surgery as he is much stronger now!
Meeting the ex was weird, even though new dude and I are just friends... then finding out today that he went to Church with her this morning was awkward, I felt a tang of jealousy where there shouldn't have been any.... so now I feel like I have to reavaulate this relationship.

Solanaceae said...

Is having the poop conversation ever comforatble with anyone? And if it is, what does that really say? LOL Will think good thoughts for your dad.

Girls today seems so much self-confident than we were at that age. Boys ... I don't think they change much.

Hang in there and be careful when it comes to mold... nasty stuff!

JoeinVegas said...

What did you do to that girl? She doesn't sound normal (but pretty good)

lisa lind said...

yep, I am still lurking! lol...just haven't felt like writing lately, but I am sure I will bounce back- I always do! Hope your dad is okay and wishing you good things with new dude. Sending hugs :o)

Lea said...

Sol: poop is a natural thing. Why NOT talk about it :)

Joe: If I wasn't so housebound I would do some volunteer work. Since 2003 I've always put together a fundraiser for children infected/affected with/by HIV/AIDS.

A back to school in July fundraiser. Last year I had planned to step down and let some knew blood take over, but as it went NO ONE could do it without calling me asking for help, and I made SURE to tell them how things are done as well as being opened to new ideas. I just felt fresh blodd was due, but that was a mistake. This year though I am NOT going to help. Too much going on in my life right now (though I imagine I'll be suckered into finding a venue, contacting our biggest donors...

If you would like to donate school supplies for this worthy cause I will take donatations... will post about it.

Lisa!!!!Come out come out of lurking! How is the book coming along? I really want to purchase your first one, but unfortunately I am on such a tight buget right now I can't afford it (by shamelessly, I would LOVE an autograph copy of the new one when it comes out... in fact, I'd like one of the one you already have written, greedy bitch tht I am... Seriously, I think that it would put a lot of perspective into my life and possibly change it. I live with bipolar borderline schizo (now don't go running off people, I'm #1 only boardline, though admittedly that would be on the side of genuis.. one false step and I am whacked!!