Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quick update...

Several people have asked me how I am and I've been remiss in responding. So, a few things going on here and there...

Had my band tightened today, have lost 70 pounds since Sept. Hope to get more motivated and begin exercising again soon, to lose more. Thinking (note, word is "thinking") about quitting smoking once I've lost 100 pounds.

New dude and I are going along happily oblivious to the fact that we have so much in common, yet haven't (and I have no plans on it) taken this to a higher level. Frankly, I don't want to ruin the friendship that we have, so I'm content with the way things are right now. Called me today to tell me how sick he was as he's hacking away, I had to ask him if he was raised by a Yiddish mother or grandmother, because he was reminding me of a spoiled little Jewish girl, to which he choked on his laughter. (Hey, I know, I grew up with a Yiddish great grandmother and a spoiled Jewish little sister!) So, it remains as it is. I did have to ask Glen though if he thought the reason men don't want to pursue a more than friendship relationship with me, was it because I am so independent? He said that probably that and the fact that I'm intelligent, not whining clingy needy...and that I'm pretty confident in my boundaries and who I let into my life most times. But I have a hard time understanding the part about not being clingy, whining and needy.. I always thought (and still do) that clingy whining needy was a turn off for men. I guess, I'm just so use to doing things on my own (or calling Glen to help) that it doesn't occur to me to be more "dependent" on the men in my life aside from Glen, who is my only friend with benefits.. oh wait, well, if Matt was in town I'd be doing him too (he's super yummy and we have a good time together, no matter what we do, even if it's just talking on the phone). Oy vey! Now I sound like some loose kinda woman! But, hey, if I can't sleep with my friends, who can I sleep with?

Dad had more surgery yesterday. 5 hours long. They replaced his pacemaker and the lead wires and he came out of it with flying colors! He was up and around a few hours after the surgery. I'm so in awe of him and the strength he has exhibited these last few months. They are talking about possibly letting him leave the hospital on Sunday (though he will have to remain in Phx/Scottsdale, for a while - his goal is to come back to Vegas by June 1st). He is doing so good and I am looking forward to his return home so that I can be of more help, see him more and so the kids are able to spend more time with him too. He's going to be pissed off though once he returns.... the two markets near his house have closed down and the pharmacy that we all go to closed it's doors today for the last time. Though all prescriptions have been transferred to Walgreens, which is right by the house too... there are no markets right around the corner from his place... other than the Super Walmart across the street from my house. I only live about 1/2 a mile or so from Dad, so he'll probably start going there. It's all just been so convenient for him for so long, now it won't be!

Tomorrow, I'll be out of commission again. More shots to the neck and I've also got a problem underneath my arms, a pinched nerve or something on both sides, if I lift them up, it hurts pretty bad.. it's been like that since the neck stuff last week. Must remember to tell the doctor tomorrow about this new thing. I wish my body felt more like I was in my 20's than like I'm in my 80's! Shoot, I'd probably settle to feel like I was in my 40's like I am... but must it feel like I'm 80+??

Still have the giveaway going on over at Monday Giveaway it's open till Saturday. Planning on sending out previous winners stuff on Monday, but best laid plans and all that... hopefully I can stick to my plans. Friday, if I'm feeling up to it, going to pick up New dude and go to the market... if he doesn't "die" before than! (his words, not mine!)

So, in a nutshell that is what has/is been going on in my world the last week or so..

What's going on in yours? Do share!



lisa lind said...

spring is in the air and as the weather warms, it must be the time for new relationships. I'm just enjoying the journey to see where it leads. I hope this new dude is everything you've wanted. Hugs :o)

The Girl You Don't Bring Home to Momma said...

Fabulous news on your Dad !!! That's great, and congrats on the weight loss. Sounds like things are running smooth for a change :)