Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A few changes

As you'll see, I've made a few changes to my regular blog. It just seemed to busy to me.

First I've added a copyright button, which actually does protect my work. Not that I post things others might want to steal, but one never knows WHAT I might put on my blog, so the entire thing is copyrighted. You can do the same, just click on the button over there and follow the instructions given to protect your musings.

I've also made a page dedicated to blog links that are specifically for Contests, Freebies, Coupons and other type of giveaways. You can find that at Freebie and Contest Blogs and you can the link over there --------> underneath my bloggyland blog roll call.

I've also become an affiliate for Dot Girls. I'm still not quite sure what all that entails or if I've put the button up the correct way, just that they asked and I obliged since I really like their products for moms and girls. (I don't have ads up, as I made a decision early on that this blog was not for making money, but again, I really like Dot Girls products and since I "think" I make money or something from being an affiliate, I've made an exception to my rule)

I've added a site meter! So, now I can spy.. err keep track of how much traffic my site actually gets. This will hopefully help me, as I continue to expand my Monday Giveaways to more and more unique and wonderful product reviews and giveaways.

Now, a question... Lee designed my background and when I click onto her button that is displayed here, the blog it use to go to is no longer there. Does anyone know Lee and/or what happened to her? I don't want to remove her button, because she does get the credit for designing my background, yet I also don't want a dead link either. So, if anyone knows what has happened to her or how I can reach her to see if she has a new place she wants me to link to, I'd really appreciate it. I'll wait a week or so and if we can't find her, then I'd like to clean up my blog a bit more and remove the button.

I think, that's all the changes I've made!


annie kelleher said...

it looks spiffy!! how are you doing, btw?

lisa lind said...

just popping in for a quick minute...looks great!!!!! hugs :o)