Thursday, March 26, 2009


I HATE my doctor, even though he put me back on the percacets since the lorotabs don't even touch the pain I am in by the end of the day...

Today he came in the little room I was in, waiting for the neck procedure and told me that he couldn't put me out because I move around too much??? WTF??? I MOVE AROUND TO MUCH WHEN I AM KNOCKED OUT WITH ANESTHESIA!!!!! wow.

I was awake for almost the whole thing last time, I REMEMBER IT HURT. Maybe that is why I moved around, it hurt, I was awake... and thus it was again...

Awake and this time crying cause it hurt so much. I come home and fall into bed and lay moaning and crying. I HATE THIS PROCEDURE. I wouldn't do it if I didn't have to, but it's suppose to help, so far it's only causing me more pain. One more time and then I'm done at least for another 6 months. I'm going to talk to him about other options as well.. like physical therapy??

I called new dude before going in for the procedure and he told me to call him when I got home.. all I could do was text him.. "I'm home" then he replies with "she's alive" which made me laugh, than a follow up call to me while I lay moaning and all he can do is laugh... jerk.

Last night 2 hours of texting back and forth during American Idol, something I rarely watch, though I tape it for some reason.. new dude was like a girl, with his comments back and forth to me during AI... had me laughing pretty hard actually.

Tomorrow, if I feel up to it, going to have my nails done, something I haven't done in a while and a pedicure. And I must get to the market, as there is no food in the house! And new dude said something about going out tomorrow night and playing some pool... Not sure if I'll be up to it, but it's really becoming nice having a friend to go out with, no pressure and he watches out for me, It's nice to be comfortable around someone that I can pretty much let loose and not worry about being judged... plus the first time we went out, we both agreed that they weren't dates, however if we go somewhere with each other, we don't flirt with others and we leave there together. I've found it rare to find a male or female friend that I can do with that, knowing I am protected (which I don't really need as I can pretty much hold my own) knowing that I won't be stabbed in the back, knowing I can be myself.. all of it is really nice... I hope that even if he finds a girlfriend or by some odd turn of events, I find a boyfriend, we can still remain friends like this.

Who knows.. oh the texting has begun and I just can't multitask tonight.



always_317537 said...

I am glad to see that you are ok,and alive :)

Thank you so much for your kind words , I really appreciate it .


The Girl You Don't Bring Home to Momma said...

Hope your feeling better.