Sunday, February 8, 2009


All the prayers, positive thoughts, candles lit and everything else has been a blessing. His fever is gone and the staff infection is nearly healed. Yay!!

Not sure how long he will be in the hospital. He's very depressed because of it, but I think he understands that he must be there to get better, to build muscle mass and gain some weight so that he can be put back on the transplant list.

They feel right now because he is so weak, that he wouldn't make it off the table should he have open heart surgery.

Right now, I do plan on visiting him the weekend of the 21st, hopefully those plans won't fall through. If they do, then I will get there as soon as I can. As selfish as I am, I realize that even though I don't want to see him as sick as he is, I may come to regret not going and seeing him as often as I possibly can.

Thank you again for all the blessings sent in all different ways. I appreciate them very very much.


annie kelleher said...

thats great news about your dad! here's hoping he continues to improve and grow stronger so you have many more days together!

lisa24n7 said...

great news! wonderful! here's wishing him continued progress! :o) hugs