Sunday, February 8, 2009

Na Na Na Na Na (to the tune of "So what" by Pink)

I'm gonna be a grandma
sometime in Sept/Oct

I'm gonna be a grandma
and a young one too!

I'm gonna be a grandma
hmm... writers block, can't think of another verse! DOH!!

Oh, here's the proof:

And it took me all of an hour to pick a name for myself... see, my sons father will probably be called Pappy, his stepmother, grandma, my DIL's mother will be grammie.. My dad as always will be called Papa, my stepmother will probably remain being called Boppa (pronounced Bow-Pa)

And me??? I picked it out all on my own!


HAHAHAHA on all of them. Gama will be the easiest one to say and since I won't be able to see the baby as much as the rest of them, cause I live out of state, the baby will say my name first because it is so close to Dada and Mama... ha! The method to my madness!


The Rambler said...

Congrats on the great news!!!

Lea said...

Thank you!!!

annie kelleher said...

congrats, gama!!! im a nana...picked that one cause it's really easy to say... (and my family calls me nan... which i hate... but nana IS really easy to say :)... omg - i had to tell you ... the word verification thingy... spells PREGI!!!!!

Lea said...

Oh how funny! Talk about coincidences! Pregi!! haha

lisa24n7 said...

congrats on your wonderful news!!! love the 'gama' idea! you go girl! :o) hopefully my son will settle down and have a family too one of these decades! lol hugs :o)

word verification had preg in it before it has bed! how ironic!

Lea said...

Wow, Bed. LOL! Thanks for the congrats. I am SO excited..

Everyone keeps telling me that the baby might come up with his/her own name for me, but I think if they keep showing my picture to him/her, then gama should stick... I called my father Papa to the kids all their lives and it stuck, although my daughter did give my stepmother her name, Boppa (bow-pa). So, who knows. For now, call me gama :)