Friday, January 30, 2009


Dad goes into the hospital again, to have an LVAC placed in him. I've been goggling LVAC but can't find what I am looking for so basically this is what I was told..

It makes his heart work.


He goes off of UNOS until he heals and I just KNOW that a heart will come available for him during this healing process.

There's no options. Either the LVAC or death. Seems like a pretty clear cut choice to me. Also, with the LVAC he can come home for a day or two once in a while (home here in Vegas, not in Phx)and if he is still on the LVAC in June, he may be able to attend the girls graduation...

If anyone has any information on the LVAC, please let me know.


The Girl You Don't Bring Home to Momma said...

Lea: I don't have any information on the LVAC, but I'm keeping your Daddy in my prayers. Stay strong, girl - your poppy needs it !

lisa24n7 said...

Sorry I don't know anything about the LVAC, but I too will have you all in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there my friend. hugs

Lea said...

You two are so sweet, thank you. Read my latest post, it could be soon!