Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yes, bloggyland, I really did win..

I finally figured it out... The Parent Bloggers Network. PBN, SEE?? How fricken cool is that!! Now, hold on and I will find the post that won.. (are you thinking of books I can get? I need suggestions for me and my kids, plus I'd like to get my father a book or two.. he likes real story gangster, old gangster, type books)

Here is the post that won me that certificate.. well, the entry to a random drawing at least.. Wrapping up my holiday heh. I am still excited to get some books, for me, for the kids and my dad.. all of us don't mind used books, so if I do it right I can get a ton of different used books..

Oh and about not going to see my father for the holidays..

Check out the next post.

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