Saturday, December 20, 2008

I won????

From somewhere in bloggyland, I won a 100$ gift certificate to I've clicked on the start shopping button and it's real.. but really I knew it was real when I read this at the bottom of the gift certificate...

"Congrats on winning the Holiday Overload Blog Blast!"

It also says, To:Lea From:PBN


I've looked through all my blogs that I read, well at least the ones that have been recently updated (that's how my blog list rolls, newly updated are on the top of the list). I can't find any blog so far telling me that I won. I have NO clue who PBN is. Maybe I should go through my own blog and look at the contests I've entered. Now, if I have remembered each time, each contest blog I blog about should come up with a tag of contest or contests. Cross your fingers.

If you're reading this and the one that I won this from, please let me know. I'm a firm believer of thanking people and can't thank you if I don't know who you are..

If you aren't the one I won this from (well, even if you are) any suggestions on books to get? I'm still reading "The Shack" and hope to do a book review on it. Yesterday I picked up "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle" which was brought to my attention by Oprah.

So, what books have you read lately that you've enjoyed? Remember, I have an eclectic taste in books and most everything, so even without knowing whether I would like it or not, do tell me what you've read lately and enjoyed... it also helps me get to know you better too! Also, what about some good kid books, for a 13 year old boy and an almost 18 year old girl.. and I want to send my father a couple of books, he likes gangster style books. Old gangsters, not new ones and other real life stuff..

Suggestions please!

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