Monday, December 15, 2008

Wrapping up my holiday

This year has been a tough year. Money wise, tougher than ever before. Between going back and forth to Arizona to visit my father who is waiting down there for a heart transplant, to paying for part of my sons wedding in August and getting my daughters stuff for graduation (if I wait till later it's more expensive)... I've no money for Christmas.

Thankfully, a few years ago someone gave me a fake tree, so this year will not go without a tree. I also purchased some presents over the summer, so the tree will not be empty underneath. My kids are fantastic, they understand that things are stressful this year and have actually said they are ok with not getting gifts at all. It's my children that have relieved me of the holiday stress.. I'm so very lucky. My father also understands that we aren't able to make the trip down to see him over the holidays, which also alleviates stress on my end. As much as I wish to see him, it simply isn't possible. What shall be, shall be.

I've also been making more candles the last few days. A great gift to give to others, handmade, handpoured soy candles. This allows me to not be concerned about what I am getting those close to me as well as how I would get the money to give presents to others. Since I already have all that I need on hand to make the candles, it's not so stressful. Plus a nice lady gave me tons of wicker and other material type baskets, so I am able to make little gift baskets and it's been fun doing so!

A couple of links to sites that are helping reduce the stress this time of year by giving a way 100$ gift certificates to Amazon. I do hope they pick me, a few books under the tree for the kids would be extra special and I can send my father a book or two to help him as he waits patiently for a heart transplant in Arizona. Wish me luck!

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Sprite's Keeper said...

Wow, you make your own candles? Very cool! I would love that if someone made me homemade candles as a gift. Much better than cookies!
Happy Holidays!

Lea said...

Yes, I LOVE making candles, all the different scents filling the air in the house, it's wonderful...

I also sell them. Once I get more of an inventory going, they'll be listed on Etsy and maybe eBay. If interested in purchasing any, just email me and I'll send you a list of scents I have and the cost (which you'll find to be reasonable). I'm also looking for others who would like to start their own business making candles.

Next month I'm doing a candle giveaway - so stay tuned for that!