Saturday, December 20, 2008

My father and waiting...

And the doctors have said it could be 3-6 months before he gets a new heart. There are 4 people ahead of him with the same blood type and stuff..

We weren't going to go for Christmas or even during the vacation from school. I can't afford it. Seriously, there is less than 20$ in my bank account, I won't tell you what that has to buy for the rest of the month, till Jan 3rd, but I can tell you that it won't make it..

Now, my stepmother talked to my fathers doctors and they have agreed that it would be ok for him to have his two cats. They are HIS cats, they hate everyone else. He hasn't seen them since August. I'm betting they are pretty pissed off at him right now...

There's no one that lives up here that can bring them down right away, but me, apparently. Don't get me wrong, I want to see my father and I want him to have his cats, but I don't have the money.. that's when my sister called and said, Mom (her mom) said she will pay for your hotel and stuff if you would bring the cats down this week.. ugh.

I can't say no. It's my father. His cats. I've heard that animals help with the healing of humans. What can I do, other than say ok and fire off an email to my stepmother asking her if there is anything else in the house she needs me to bring down... she replies with her desktop computer and all the accessories and some sheet sets for the bed. These are all doable things, no problem doing it..

The cats though? Not so easy. They really need to be tranquilized, but that's not going to happen. Somehow, I have to figure out how to get them, then get them into their cardboard box carries, then get them to the vet for a well checkup.. leave them there Christmas eve and Christmas day, picking them up and driving them 4 1/2 hours to Phx with them probably crying and screaming the whole way on Friday. I think I'm going to see if they can be tranquilized Friday morning for the ride there. I know I am going to need one after that drive.

Oh and btw..

My father has no idea that we are coming, or that he can have the cats and they are coming too. It should be a nice surprise for him except,the girl has to stay here, since she is president of the forensics club and is the prosecutor in a mock trial, she has to meet with real lawyers over the holidays.. she doesn't like the trip any ways and bitches most the time there and back. The boy will like it though. He'll get to sit in front, get me all to himself and most likely get to stay at Papa's for the weekend (and maybe the week if they will fly him back up here), him staying there and me at a hotel by myself.. ahh.. how nice will that be!!!!

Now, if I can figure out who I can borrow money from for the gas down there, all should be nearly okey-dokey.

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