Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Surprise,. Az

For now, as my father waits, impatiently for a heart donor, he remains at his friend of 40 years, in Surprise, Az. It is about 30 minutes or so from the Mayo Clinic. He hasn't been home since August and while they've let him leave the hospital (not to go home and die, but to get stronger and healthier, they feared the hospital germs would make him sicker) he IS getting stronger, but misses home pretty bad. He can't come home, as it's too far away, he must be at the very most, an hour from the hospital... it's rather sad, he may not even make up here to see the girl graduate, unless he gets a heart and it's been a few months. Let's pray that happens. The girl is his favorite... though he's asked if the boy can stay with him while down there, makes it easier (and food wise cheaper), plus the girl and I can spend time together without him butting in... so maybe there won't be too much misery!

The kids and I are leaving around 330p to trek once again the 4+ hour drive to spend Thanksgiving with him. The girl and I hate this drive and she hates Arizona and Thanksgiving... I'm sure this weekend will be filled with some drama and miserable people.

We're coming back Saturday, though I had intended on staying till Sunday, I really need help with finding grants and financial aid for the girl for when she goes to college. I am ignorant in all this, so my friend Melissa has volunteered to help out. We'll be spending some of the day with her on Sunday. Thanks Melissa! You're a good friend to me.

Not sure if I'll be posting during the trip, I forgot to ask if the hotel had wireless.. heh. I asked if they accept pets, since we'll be taking the puppy with us and they offered up that there is an indoor pool.. I imagine they have wireless so who knows.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving... Think of me on Black Friday as I brave the crowds and shop!

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