Monday, November 24, 2008

Possible giveaway...

I've had the pleasure of a couple of emails back and forth with Immoral Matriarch. She's really nice. I asked her if I sent her a candle, would she plug it on her site for me,(she has tons of readers and it might strum up some business for me)She said she would be happy to do it and suggested that I have a contest and giveaway.

So, that is what I am thinking about doing. Putting together a small Christmas basket with probably 3 candles, different scents and sizes. I can't do it till after this week, but am going to try to get it made, send her a candle and picture of the giveaway and hopefully she'll like my candle enough to plug them.

Suggestions for who would receive the basket? First off, people would have to visit my blog, this one on Wisprnsoul, go to the post that has the giveaway picture on it and post a comment in the comment area. I'm thinking of a couple of different ways to win.. Keeping the contest open for a couple of days, then having one of the kids pick a random number and declaring that person the winner. Or on a more creative aspect, perhaps sharing their favorite Christmas in my comments.

What do you think? I am kind of leaning more to the random picking, making it the easiest way, but I also would love to hear about others favorite Christmas's. Anyone out there have any other suggestions as a way to win?

Right now, you can also visit Candlewealth/Soulwhispers to learn more about my candles.

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