Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We finally made it to Surprise Az. The drive seemed to take far longer than it has in the past. We are all exhausted and sore from sitting in the car. Unfortunately, Az is an hour ahead of Vegas, so we lost an hour and we didn't arrive till 10pm, 9pm Vegas time... Dad called about 930p and we were still another 30 miles out, so he decided to go to bed instead of waiting for us. The boy was supposed to stay with him for the trip, beginning with tonight but that didn't work out that way and now he is making me nuts..

"I'm hungry"
"Go to bed, it's almost 11pm"
"But I'm hungry"
"You've been eating all day and night in the car"
"But I'm hungry"

Me? It'll take me about another hour to go to sleep, which is normal for when I drive long distances. Damn non smoking rooms. I have to go outside in the rain and cold to smoke and it pisses me off. I'm too afraid of getting some sort of charge for smoking in the rooms so I usually go outside, but I also usually have a room on the first floor, this time we have one on the 2nd floor, so in my pajama's, I'll take the stairs down, maybe bring a book and smoke a bit to try and relax..

Just in case I miss tomorrow..

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

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