Saturday, January 22, 2011


My granddaughter is now 15 months old. Yeah, I can't believe it either! She's walking and talking and smiles all the time. Here's a few newer pictures of her - not sure if I've posted them or not and too lazy to even check... She must be the cutest punkin I have ever laid my eyes on... I am totally in love with her.

Today, Nova decided she wanted to choose the shoes she would wear, so she did and a perfect job of it she did!
Nova and her Daddy, Thanksgiving Day 2010
My family. Left to Right - Tessa, Chance, Morgan, Me and of course my little Nova Leone!
Thanksgiving Day 2010

Nova just LOVES Kip. This was Thanksgiving Day. She'd rather look at him than have Nana hold her or play with her LOL

Three generations. My Dad, My Son and My Granddaughter whose giving her Papa kisses!

Thanksgiving 2010
With her Uncle Chance, day before Thanksgiving 2010 wondering what those things are in his lips. Ugh, his ears make me cringe!
My beautiful kids - a beautiful family. Amanda my Daughter in Law, Morgan my Son and my gorgeous granddaughter Little Miss Nova Leone. A few days after Thanksgiving 2010, before they headed home.
Nova walking!
Hamming it up in her Birthday TuTu. What a personality this baby has. EVERYONE who meets her falls in love with her!