Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Insomnia.. of course.

I have, as usual, insomnia. So, I opened up my computer and started reading my blog writings from last year, which was pretty much next to nil.

I miss writing. I miss the words pouring through my fingertips. But, admittedly, I am lazy. I get distracted easily. I find something else on the computer to go to rather than my blog and I go to it and completely ignore of forget my blog. I guess I wanted this blog to go a different direction than it did, maybe even go as far as making me some money - but the laziness, the easily being distracted it all gets in the way.

I need to try harder. I need to DO it, not just think about it. There's so much inside of me, so much that I need to purge out of me, to find answers through those that are my faithful readers. I need to stay off of Facebook, since it's driving me crazy.. well FB itself isn't, but a few people on there are. It is effecting my relationship, HE is allowing drama into our lives, through Facebook, texting and phoning and while more often than not, as I am learning more and more about me and that which surrounds me, I am not lowering myself to the level of others that have no business being in my life, I still do at times and then I am pissed at myself.

I know if I blog, that I will arrive at the answers I need, either through just seeing what I have written or through comments left for me. Perhaps I am not ready for the answers and that is why I am allowing myself to be so easily distracted... yes, that is probably right on the button.

So, while I don't make resolutions for new years, I only try to continue doing the good things I did the year before, making the small changes I want to make and keeping up with those changes that I made last year. But, I would like to try and commit myself to blogging again, as best as I can. Baby steps. Taking baby steps. I may or may not blog, but I have it in my mind again and so hopefully, I will...

Until next time,

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JoeinVegas said...

Yup, don't log into Facebook and stop getting drawn in. Just write