Sunday, July 10, 2011


Yes, I am still alive. I need to figure out a few things, then I hope to come back to my blogger or "A" blogger and start again. I don't like the look, feel or email attached to this account. I want to be able to simply blog from my computer, without having to sign into here or elsewhere.

In the meantime, a blast from my past...

Circa: 1990. I believe I was pregnant with my daughter in this one. Left to right while looking at your computer screen. Terri, who is my daughters fathers sister and once one of my closes friends. Sadly, she passed from cancer before he found us on MySpace. Next to her, is Beth. Another very close friend, one I haven't seen in 20 years. Unfortunately, when I ran away from California, I also had to cease all contact with those that were in my life, to keep them from being harassed by my daughters father when he came around looking for us - and come around he did. He, himself, told me that he harassed a few people, but quickly realized that no one knew where I was - though it wasn't until a few years later that he asked his other sister if she knew where I was and she did and she told him. Though he never found us until whenever it was that he contacted my daughter...(more about photos below)

Next one...

Circa: Feb/March 1991. My daughter and her father. One of the very few there are of him and her for her entire life, up to the age of 18. There's photos now, but only a very few of when she was little.

These were scanned and sent to me via FB by my "niece". Well, she's not really MY niece, she's my daughters fathers niece, or she's the daughter of Terri in the first photo. She calls me auntie and has since she was little. I lost contact with her too, until she found me on FB a few months ago. It's nice to be in contact with her again. Of the 3 women that he has had children with, I am her favorite and the only one she calls Auntie. Breaks my heart what she has had to go through. She's really only about 15 years younger than myself. Her mother, as I said, passed a few years ago from cancer. Prior to that, when she was little her father took her, kidnapped. Because her mother was high on dope and alcohol all the time and couldn't take care of her. Poor girl, still doesn't understand why she was taken away. When she was little, she was in a hit and run drunk driver accident, where she was dead for 10 minutes. Now, she lives with cancer.

And I sometimes think I have it bad. Okay, so I need to figure a few things out. If anyone knows of a preferably free, but cheap will do, place I can get my own domain? Then maybe I can start blogging brand new. Oh, you can't leave a comment, well you can, but I won't know, unless I come back to the blog everyday and I don't seem to be able to do that... the email attached to this blog no longer exists, yet it won't let me use my gmail address for an alternate so if you have any info for a domain name, email me at


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