Thursday, February 11, 2010

There's more pictures than these, but these are some of my favorite. I'm so glad that we are mature enough to get along, unlike the mother of Tessa's dads other two girls who freaked out that he found us and spent time with us, even though they haven't been together for over 16 years - but she did try her hardest to get him away from me for about a year and was all in her glory that I split and she had him to herself, though he left her eventually... he never loved her and was only with her for the drugs.. no reason to freak out that he found us, he was in the other 2 girls life for most of the their lives and never in Tessa's. You'd think she'd be happy that he finally found her - but some people never grow up and she's one of them. Bummer. She's also not happy he is with Jacque - where I found her to be a wonderful woman and am happy that he has met someone who is both good for him and he loves. I like her too. But then, I am a different type of woman than the ones he typically goes out with - as is Jacque - her and I got along terrifically... so, here are some of the pictures taken while they were out here!

Tessa's dad Lonnie and I - 20 years after we met.

Me and Jacque (Lonnie's girlfriend)

Tessa and I taking a break from playing pool

Lonnie and Tessa, driving the boat on Lake Mead

Lonnie and Tessa, with Jacque driving boat on Lake Mead

Tessa driving boat getting a hug from Jacque

Tessa hamming it up at Lake Mead

My beautiful girl

Dad and Daughter together after 18 years!

Dad and Daughter walking the Las Vegas Strip

Tessa (wearing her dads coat cause it gets cold in the desert!) Lonnie and Jacque

Tessa and Jacque all smiles!

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