Monday, September 21, 2009

Writing workshop... If you give a Mom a moment

Found this great giveaway over at Mama's Losin' It but it's not so much those beautiful champagne flutes, or the much needed gift certificate to Target that got me to do this diddy... I needed a reminder for myself as to why I do the things I do and don't do most of what I want to do. My kids.

There were a few prompts I could have picked from, but this one seemed like a no brainer to me...

If you give a Mom a moment: You might see that while she is exhausted beyond words, the phrase "Mama can you do... " is followed by, "Of course I can, lets do it together"

If you give a Mom a moment: Knowing that there is no gasoline in the car and no money for the rest of the month to put gas in said car, she'll still drive you and pick you up from the mall which will use up the rest of her gas, causing her to reschedule a few doctor appointments and a playdate of her own, just so you can do what you want to do and not feel left out.

If you give a Mom a moment: You would see that the greatest gift of all was not store bought but rather a hug with a kiss and a "I love you mama".

If you give a Mom a moment: You'd see in her eyes as she watches you grow up to fast, that life has been too short and growing up has come to quickly.

If you give a Mom a moment: You might catch her wiping away a tear as you walk across the stage to receive that High School diploma, something she never did herself.

If you give a Mom a moment: You might catch a glimpse of humility as she chants to others how proud she is of all 3 of her children, who are all in different stages of their lives, wondering to herself as she says this, how did they become so wonderful of human beings despite the numerous mistakes she made with each of them.

If you give a Mom a moment: You'll see that she won't tell you, but she needs a break if only a moment, to breathe again and remember why she put all that other stuff away and focused only on you. Only to have her realize you are the reason and that reason is good enough for her.

If you give a Mom a moment: You might notice the gray hairs coming in, the wrinkles a bit deeper, her movements a bit slower, but her smile is always there for you for no other reason than you are the reason.

If you give a Mom a moment: You will see that she is both exhilarated and terrified at the same time when she heard the words "you're going to be a grandma". With love overflowing, the knowledge of being able to watch you be the mom or dad now, brings her the greatest joy, aside from the fact that if you give her a moment, she will tell you how she did it and how not to do it like her... all the while waiting to hold this new life and knowing she has another chance of watching another gift grow up hoping at the same time it won't be as fast this time.


Solanaceae said...

Well written! I seriously want the flutes and need the bottle opener! LOL

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