Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bio Oil, Migraine remedies, thinning hair... Anyone?

Bio Oil: Anyone out there try Bio Oil? I hear it works really well for diminishing stretch marks. It's rather expensive, but if I hear more good things about it, I'm likely to try it.

Migraine remedies: I've been trying to google migraine remedies that are liquid, the kind you sniff, like the one the church lady had. However, I seem to be having difficulty finding anything. I've looked it up as Holistic Migraine Remedies, Liquid Migraine Remedies and Homeopathic Remedies. I can't find ANYTHING. What am I missing here? What words should I use that I'm not using now? Help! (though I did ask church lady to contact her friend and find out how much that bottle was so I can get some next month if I have the money)

Thinning hair: Everyone I speak to tells me to use Nioxin. I bought a bottle of it at the first of the month, NOT cheap but not as expensive as I had been lead to believe. So far, I'm not noticing the difference, but I also don't wash my hair everyday (don't even go there, I wash it every other day, so shut up) I went on their website and did an assessment thing and I should be using #4 (I bought #1)but I only remember seeing #1 and #2 at the salon at Walmart (and have been told that what I paid for it was a better price than if I were to purchase it at a beauty supply store or a Salon)

Anyone ever use Nioxin or heard anything about it?

So do tell me the stories, so I know if I am wasting my money or before I waste my money! Or whatever.

Oh and while I'm at it...

How come people like the Kardashins get reality shows, but people like me who really live in reality, don't? Yeah I know, random stupid question thrown out there, shut up I really want to know.


Solanaceae said...

M used Nioxin when we could afford it. It worked really well for him and even now that he no longer uses it the hair he grew remains. More than a few people have told me that any "name brand" hair product you can buy at WalMart, cheaper than a salon, isn't really as good as what you would be purchasing from a salon. I would laugh it off but I really love the Biolage detangler and when I bought it at WM it in no way worked as good as the bottles I have purchased from Regis (salon). As for the holistic migraine sniff stuff I will see if I can find any info and email to you.

Lea said...

Oh, no the Nioxin I bought, is the real deal not a WM brand take off. The Salon inside of WM doesn't belong to WM it just rents space from there. They have a ton of name brand products, like BedHead (which I hate) Paul Mitchell and some other well knowns! It was just less expensive there than if I had gone to Sallys Beauty Supply or Ulta Beauty Supply! (actually, Sallys doesn't carry it, they carry a brand that is supposed to be the exact same stuff, different name, I tried it but I got no results from it!)

I've been wondering if I should use all three of the products, the shampoo, conditioner and leave in stuff to get the results I seek. Timmy's licensed hair person and told me I could just use the shampoo and get a good moisturizing conditioner. But, did M use all three or just the shampoo?

Think I should use it everyday? Or is every other day okay?

Solanaceae said...

He used a 3 part system that additionally included a vitamin supplement (because it came in the 'kit' we bought). Back when he used it he had to wash his hair every day because he got dirty at work. But also keep in mind he has never chemically treated his hair, doesn't use a blow drier and that his hair loss/thinning has a different cause than yours. IMHO you should use it every day for now to see if you can jump start some growth.