Tuesday, September 22, 2009

4 days

4 DAYS!! Till my grand daughter Nova is due! So, basically, any day now!! I suspect she may wait till Oct 1st or 2nd.

I'm VERY excited, though sad I won't be able to see her, probably till she's close to a month old, but still in the infant stage so all's good there.

My arbitration is Oct 8th and if all works out like I would like it to, I should have my settlement money before the end of Oct. The boy turns 14, Oct 26th, so I can't go see her than, but hopefully after that I can go for a short while to help out... plus, while I don't know what they need, I've got a ton of baby sites bookmarked so I can order some things for her, like these really cute leg warmers in various colors and patterns and other things. I also will find out what they need still... if nothing else, I plan on buying packages of diapers in different sizes, just to help out a bit since they are so very expensive.

So I'll spoil the little chewy, but also hope to help ease some of the expense for my son and daughter in law too.

I promised the boy a trip once I received the settlement, a short trip, a weekend one (though if his grades are good, I may let him miss a Monday so it can be a 3 day weekend) Not sure where yet, haven't even discussed it with him, only that because his sister got to go to Ca and stay with her brother, he asked if I would take him on a trip somewhere, so of course me always looking for a reason to get out of Vegas, said yes...

I'm always up for a trip to the beach, even have a favorite little motel Del Mar Hotel on the Beach, but being we've spent time there already, maybe I'll take him somewhere else. 3 days in NYC? I love NYC and he was real young last time we were there, catch a Broadway or off Broadway show, go to Serendipity for their famous hot chocolate.. or maybe NC, Myrtle Beach, neither of us have been there. We could leave right after school on Friday, maybe make it a 4 day trip if his grades are good, tie it in with his birthday... Any suggestions?

Then I'm putting money away for a tummy tuck and a move next year (after I catch up on my bills)and so the kids can have a Christmas though unlike a few years ago I'm not going to go overboard! (yeah, ok, shut up I'm good for going overboard when I have the money)


Silly Girl said...

Congratulations! You sound like you will be a wonderful grandmother.

JoeinVegas said...

Road trip . . .