Friday, April 3, 2009

Well.. they did the procedure...

but kept me awake the entire time again because I am I so sick. And this time I didn't feel anything, I suppose because I was so focused on trying not to cough or throw up.

I seem to get sick every time I spend time at new dudes. I spent the weekend there, since I had no kids (and no, we still haven't had sex, so get your minds outta the gutter - it's not going to happen, we don't even talk about it) BUT he does cuddle nice, though he had to because he kept the a/c on and a fan in his room running.. Now we both sleep the same way, our bodies covered with a blanket and our feet sticking out on the other side... but for some reason I was freezing cold (a/c and fan = one freezing Lea) I sleep like that in the summer, a/c and fan, but his a/c seems to work better than mine, not to mention it was something like 30 outside. So I was wrapped up in the blanket and then moved up next to him, who felt like a heating pad, then he threw his leg and arm around me and I was SO warm... but we didn't sleep very long, about 3 hours and then got up ran errands, sat outside talking... around 10p Saturday night he wanted to go play Blackjack at one of the casinos. I was feeling sick by then, but we went and he played. I'm not a gambler, so I watched which was fine for me. We played until almost 5am Sunday morning on 20$! He was up almost 200$ at one time, but it wasn't my place to say anything... just learned a bit more about him.. he likes to gamble. It's his money, not mine... but if he needs to borrow money from me this week, as much as I like him and love being with him, I'll be saying no. And while I'm not keen on lying, my reason will be, I don't have it.. (which really isn't a lie, I do have it but I do need it)

So, even he knows that the a/c and the fan on me those two nights are what got me sick, he even admits it... and feels bad about it.

Today, I'm supposed to go to the market, but the anesthesia kept me up till about 430 this morning, only to have my daughter wake me up at 630 to take her to school. And here I am back in my bed ready to close my eyes and sleep away the day... and there's NO way I'm going out tonight not for karaoke and not over to new dudes. I couldn't go if I wanted to tonight, since the boy is having 2 friends spend the night and I don't like it when I'm not home and he has friends over....

Speaking of the boy. Looked at cable bill yesterday and nearly had a heart attack. Almost 500$ for ONE month... I paid the bill on time last month so I know that it wasn't added to this bill... upon further checking.





ACCORDING TO HIM HE DIDN'T FREAKING ORDER IT! (I DIDN'T order it and I KNOW my daughter didn't order it, I guest the ghost in the house did)

I need to tell him that he will go blind if he masturbates, but I'd rather just gouge out his eyes and for lying to me, cut out his tongue but I think there are laws against doing those things even if it is your own child and he's racked up over 400$ in charges from ordering PORN.

A few years ago, I put a block on the "on demand" version thing that cable offers. I also have no pay stations like HBO or Stars or any of the other ones that you pay extra for. When I blocked the on demand, I thought it also blocked the pay per view. So, I got the porn charges removed, but there are still other pay per view charges that I need to try and have removed. A few movies and some WWE stuff that he loves to watch. And as one of his punishments I also had them remove WWE 24/7, from my regular basic cable bill, which will save me 10$. And as punishment, he gets to stay home Saturday and clean the entire backyard, including filling in the holes to China that my Siberian Husky has been digging trying to escape the backyard. Stupid dog. Sunday, he gets to dig weeds up in the front yard. Grounding him does no good, however if none of this gets done, he'll be one sorry little boy, since next week is Spring Break and if he doesn't do the things he's been told to do, he'll be home all week till it's done - and believe me, he doesn't want to be home, he wants to be out skate boarding with his friends - and I would prefer he was outside playing too. So, we shall see.

Thanks to those of you who left me comments about getting better. Please think positive thoughts that this doesn't turn into pnemonia which I am prone to get once it gets into the bronchitis stage, where it feels like it is now.

Ok, back under my covers with the hope of getting some sleep.


always_317537 said...

WOW!! 13 yrs old and has a PORN addiction!!! You definetly have your hands full. The broncitis thing, I think that is what I have . It sucks!! Can't breathe, coughing my lungs out and comes with the yucky mucus!! I am glad everything when well with your surgery. Get some rest :) Have a good weekend .


Solanaceae said...

When it's cold like that try sleeping on top of a warm blanket in addition be being covered. It's a trick I had to learn as M likes to keep the room colder than a meat locker when we sleep. Sorry to read about the awake neck proceedure, sounds horrible. Hang in there!

Lea said...

Leslie: Thanks hon. Seems lately I'm always sick! Maybe, I am allergic to new dude!!

Sol: I'm so glad you found me after all these years, I'm too tired and sick right now to email you and catch you up on things, but I will eventually do so. Please lets not lose track of each other again and make sure you send my love to M.


JoeinVegas said...

13 years old, and the five thousand text messages a month bill replaced by pay per porn. Thanks, it is very funny from here.
I still think you should tell your daughter to walk to school. Get some exercise.

Lea said...

Joe: Go ahead and laugh!! I have to laugh about it, or I might kill him. Since there are no men in my house, I have no idea where he even found out about porn.

I don't make the girl walk to school, cause she would have to leave at 615a... I do make her walk home, but now she has a job, so I make her take ONE bus and it drops her right off at her job, then I make her take 2 buses home, they are short bus rides, but she still bitches. Today I told her that she keeps saying she is an adult so it's time to be more responsible and get herself places she wants to go.

If she'd study the drivers book, I'd take her to the DMV every day till she passed the damn thing, then teach her to drive and within a month or so she could drive herself around... lazy kid. She'll be taking buses to college, I've already let her know that.. I'm done after high school!!