Thursday, April 2, 2009

Neck surgery and other stuff

I don't even know if they will do the surgery today, as I am SO sick. Sore throat, aches and pains all over

Ohh, I fell asleep while typing this. My voice is completely gone, I'm SO thirsty, but not suppose to drink or eat anything after midnight last night.

I'm so miserable, I can't even stop crying. I haven't been this sick in so long, it doesn't even compare to that food poisioning I had. I even went so far as to call my sister in Phx and beg her to fly up here, but Dad is getting out of the hospital today (would do the happy dance, but too sick) and my stepmother (her mother) needs her there to help. My stepaunt is there too, but Dad, even though he's dwindled down to near nothing, is still a rather large man, so they need everyone they can get to help his transition from the hospital to his apartment.

I HATE being sick, especially this sick. I feel like I did the last time I had walking pnemonia, which totatlly sucks big eggs.

Can't type anymore, even my finger nails and the top of my fingers hurt.

More, later. Maybe


always_317537 said...

I am sorry Lea to hear that you are sick..I hope you get feeling better:) If it makes you feel any better ...I have been sick too. It started with the throat hurting then follows all the yuckies!!


mom2boys said...

Hope you feel better soon Lea! : )

lisa lind said...

so sorry you are feeling badly. hope you recover quickly. sending big healing hugs :o)