Saturday, April 4, 2009

I thought I would...

Do part 2, but it gets hairy or scarey and a bit unbelievable really, a lot to take in but more to put out and I just don't seem to have the energy tonight to go there... so, I'll try again tomorrow. Hey, it may even be worth the wait, not that there'll be talk about crotch rot or strangle sex, cause I'm not as warped as someone else, ok, yes I am but those things aren't in my memories of days gone by long ago, only in the recent memory and now if someone googles strangle sex or crotch rot, they'll find my blog, great.. then I might have to explain it.. and frankly my dear, I'm not sure what I would even say - ok enough of this, sheesh.

I've still got my giveaway going on over at Monday Giveaway seems no one is interested in the pretty bookmark, but I'm going to keep it up for another week and I may add another item to it next monday.

And I've been really bad about getting out the other winners stuff, I blame it on the new dude getting me sick over and over for the last month or so! (hey, it's my blog, I can blame who I want, as long as it's not me, cause I'm blameless dont'cha know!!)

I'm actually going to try and get to sleep early. It's just now 1030p, been chatting with Matt on Skype (man do I miss that dude, I can't wait till work here starts up again and he comes back. Yeah, I know, I tend to have more men friends than women friends, been like that almost always, cause as I've said before, women are brutal, so very brutal and I'm just too old to play into all that drama they cause)... though I am fortunate enough lately to have a couple of women friends who even though I don't get to see them face to face (except one) and mostly the few I've just met from blogging as well as my new old friend finding me, are way cool and not like the other women I have kicked out of my life, I still tend to hang more with men, just is more comfortable for me I guess. Who knows.. life is weird right now...

So, Monday Giveaway will remain open another week, check it out. And I promise to get things in the mail this week, since it's spring break, I don't have to get up at 6am and go back to sleep which shoots my day all to hell from my poor sleeping habits, which I hope to fix during this week coming up.

Ahh and an update. Spoke to Dad on the phone tonight and he sounds more and more like Dad each time I talk to him, which is most awesome in it's own awesomeness way. (heh, there's that word again, it's mine and you can't have it).. He's working his butt off to be here June 12th and I think he's going to do it to! Go Dad!



annie kelleher said...

hey there good to read your pixels... hope you are okay and am so glad to read your dad is improving! xoxox.... annie

Solanaceae said...

Did you just call me warped? No, your mom just called you warped! hahahahaha ahem Anyway... My 18 yo Goddaughter just landed out there about an hour ago! Too bad I couldn't have made the trip with her. At least you would have had company during your insomnia. Gotta get going ... Sunday is calling!