Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quickly, so I can go finish making dinner and catch up on blog reading...

Motherboard is fried in my year and a half old laptop. A bit over 750$ to fix it, much more than what I paid for it on Black Friday.

Tomorrow, I go to the electronics store and find a new one, refurbished one for less than it would cost to fix mine. Sadly, all my pictures, writings and the beginnings of my book are gone forever. I will be picking up a few packages of CD ROMS discs and begin backing everything up at night from now on. I'm hoping that I may be able to get it to work long enough to capture some of my important stuff on the CDs from the old computer, even if I have to keep doing it. Or, perhaps I will pay the 129$ for them to take the hard drive out and transfer the stuff I need to the new computer.

Minden Dude is the one that suggested I look at Fry's electronics and see if they had refurbished ones and I listened and found a few online that I can find in the store. I'd love to get a Sony Viao, since Sony is my favorite name brand. I've an awesome Sony Digital camera, but I couldn't find a refurbished one online, maybe they will have one in the store, fingers crossed!

Off to make dinner, then catch up as best I can on my favorite people to see how they are all doing, check in with them and hope that all is well in their part of the world.

Just another day on the edge of insanity... just don't push me!

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Janelle said...

I'm so sorry!!! I lost everything once when my hard drive crashed and it was devastating! I try to back up now to my iPod. Silly, yes, but mostly what I want to keep are my photos and my sound files, and those save on my iPod. I hope you are able to recreate at least some of what you lost!