Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I took my computer in yesterday and am waiting for the quote. It could be the motherboard... well the video card that is attached to the motherboard (laptops are like that, desktops you can switch out the video card, which would be less expensive)It could run me 350$ to fix it... I got an email from Sony products (which happen to be my favorite products)and they are having a sale on a notebook computer, 2GBs and a few other interesting things in it, I believe the cost is 1470$ minus 330$ just for today. It would wipe my savings out, especially after that last trip to Phx, but I am contemplating it. I just don't know how to get the stuff on my HP transfered to a new laptop... I've got a few chapters of the book I am writing and tons of photos... so I doubt I'll be going that route, though it is tempting.
I've lost my brain somewhere. I misread the date on a disconnect notice for my gas and they shut me off yesterday! I didn't know until I went to make dinner and my broiler wouldn't start. Called Glen to see if he could light the pilot light for me and then I tried to turn on the top burner to fry the porkchops (I never fry food, but it was a no choice thing)and the burner wouldn't light, nor would the pilot on the top of the stove. Then I realized that the gas was shut off. It's so cold in my house right now, I can't even get out of bed, as my entire body hurts from the cold. It's painful to even type. They are supposed to come and turn it back on today, since I paid the bill over the phone. They didn't need to go into the backyard or even come into the house to turn it off, but for some reason they have to come in the house and the backyard to turn it back on... urgh.
When to my pain management doctor yesterday. He switched my painkillers, a less strong one, because the percacets are no longer working as they should, so he thought that switching them would help. But, instead of taking one, I have to take 2 to even take the edge off the pain. He checked my reflexes in my hands and elbows and I have none, no jerking when hit with that rubber thing on either of my hands or arms. My neck has deterioated from when we were rear ended. He has me referred to a nerologist and next week I begin a 3 week regiment of 3 shots in my neck, once a week for those 3 weeks. Have to find someone to take me and pick me up. God bless Glen for being my best friend, he'll take me and pick me up next week, taking off work early to do so. The next 2 weeks though it is too early for him, so I have to find someone else, not an easy task, being that I don't have as many friends as I do fingers.. yeah, there's this trust issue I tend to have with people, which leaves me lacking in face to face friendships. Most the women that I meet have qualities and characteristics that I just don't tolerate.. lying, competing, backstabbing, gossiping and other things that I find distasteful in people. I'll figure something out though. I do have a few people that I may be able to count on - I just really hate relying on others, especially for something like this, since I'll be put to sleep and it takes me hours to fully come out of it, so complete trust is needed, that they will pick me up, walk me to my bed and help me in it so I can pass back out for a few hours.
Speaking of my neck. Lawyer called the other day and settled with the kid who hit me, insurance company. Of course he had the lowest amount of coverage that he could have, so like when I broke my foot at the hotel, I'll get screwed again on the settlement and just like my foot, I'll be in chronic pain the rest of my life. But, my lawyer is also going to settle with the insurance company that I had at that time and since I drive a 2 year old Jeep, I've got the max that you can get. Somehow he is going after the insurance company for "uninsured motorist". I have no idea what that'll be, I can't recall the amount I had. The girl finally gets to go in and see my doctor for her neck and shoulder pain, tomorrow, from the same accident. Lawyer will settle with both insurance companies for her too, as soon as she begins treatment. So she'll have some money for college.
Finally realized that I have "losers only" tattooed on my forehead. Had a date Saturday night, nice guy but has nothing going on for him. Has a few DUI's so he has no license, which required me to drive everywhere. Minden dude is still in contact. I mentioned that maybe I could fly up there during spring break for a few days and he said that he doesn't bring women home because of his 17 year old boy. I understand that to a certain point. When my kids were younger I didn't date really at all and never had men in and out of their lives, however, this boy is 17, Minden dude seeked me out, so I'm a bit confused. He contacts me all the time, I don't initiate contact and because he continues to contact me through emails and the phone, I would have thought he would want me to come and see him. So, who knows what will happen with him.
I weighed in at the pain doctor yesterday and lost 21 pounds this past month, bringing my weight loss to a total of 74 pounds since Sept to much stress this past month, I think that is why I wasn't holding food down at all. I was able to eat last night without throwing up, which was a welcome relief. Been working out on the Wii Fit, this past week, but it's just too damn cold to get out of my bed today.
So there's the catch up for now! I miss my bloggyland friends and am going to try to catch up on some blog reading a little bit later, but know that you are all in my thoughts and I'm hoping that you are all doing well and I also still need to send out the Skoys, I promise to get them out as soon as I can.

This was longer than I had intended, have had to stop a few times and rub my hands together to warm them up! Urgh!

More another time!


Yaya said...

Wow that's a lot of catch up!

Chronic pain...not good. I hope the new meds work.

JoeinVegas said...

Sorry, but sounds more like Minden Dude has a wife or live in girlfriend there.