Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Contest entry: Frugal Mommy of 2

How weird the way some things happen. The boy has been sick the last few days and last night came into my room, asking if I would get him one of those "blanket things that has arms in it". I laughed and told him to go back to bed!

Then I'm reading through my blog list this morning and what do I find 3 blogs in?

Frugal Mommy of 2 giving away this Slanket Does the Universe have an odd sense of humor or what? I would so give this to the boy, in a gray color that is called, "Castlerock". And he would so enjoy getting this, especially since he exclaims everytime I buy anything, including food, how I never get him anything anywhere for any reason! (looks over at all the crap she got him yesterday at the closing of her favorite pharmacy/novelty store where everything is 50% and more off) Uhh.. yeah ok. I NEVER get him anything, as I pull out even more "stuff" that he didn't ask for and really doesn't need, yet will find ways to put most of it, if not all of it, to good use, but I NEVER think about him and get him things when shopping, so I got to watch him have a tantrum right here in my bedroom, while I show him what he got and what I got and what his sister got, though if he'd stop for a moment, he'd see that most the stuff is for him and which eventually sometime today he will finally semi-quietly take it out of my room and into his room, muttering still under his breath about how I never think of him, the spoiled mama's boy brat... dammit... oh wait, where was I?

Oh yeah, the slanket. Let me win, just so I can give it to him and not get a thank you, but instead get an attitude about how I never get/give him anything, because you know that's what I live for, day in and day out, because I'm such a bad mother, don'cha know..

Oh and go visit Frugal Mommy of 2, so you too can maybe win a slanket (and send it to me please), though it's totally mine, I called dibs on it first. I'm just saying.


annie kelleher said...

hahah!!! id be afraid of something like that... i can see myself tripping and falling and ending up all wrapped up in it... suffocating :). thank you for hte cute award!!!!!! i cant find the rules about it though... what am i supposed to DO once i post it?

JoeinVegas said...

Maybe if you spent a month NOT giving him anything at all he might notice a difference.

Lea said...

annie: you can put it on your sidebar or just leave it on the blog entry that you blogged it about. And would also totally trip over something like Slanket.

Joe: Been there done that. Made him wait 3 months for a new skateboard after he'd broken his umpteenth one in less than a year. Makes for a pretty shitty home life as he is very capable of making his sister and I completely miserable when he is... like right now, I have my door shut and locked, just to keep him out, but can hear them fighting and him saying things that are totally uncalled for. Last time I got this mad, was in Phx and I resorted to hitting him, something I don't like to do and rarely have done, but almost feel like I might need to again tonight! Spoiled mama's boy.