Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not Phx, but Scottsdale... and more....

We arrived safely in Scottsdale after an uneventful drive here, well, other than the hour backlog going over the Hoover Dam as usual... I am going to go through Laughlin on the way home I think. It adds 30 minutes to the drive, but really it takes 30 minutes or more off the drive, since Hoover Dam is always over an hour to go over, damn tourists and homeland security!!

We went straight to the hospital and spent a few hours there with Dad. He was in better spirits than he has been in the last few days, I found out why he was so upset, for some reason he thought the doctors doing the angioplasty tomorrow would come to him and tell him there was nothing they could do and send him home to die. He was convinced that would happen... today the doctors came in and assured him that that was not going to happen. That the angioplasty was routine, they just wanted to get a better look at the right side of his heart, make sure there weren't any surprises when they went in to put the LVAD wire in... they'll take note of anything that might need to be fixed, by doing the angioplasty and when they go in to do the LVAD, they'll fix what might need to be fixed. That lifted his spirits a lot, not to mention the drugs for pain that he is on!

My stepmother, as usual was difficult tonight. She actually hasn't been that difficult lately, but tonight she was and I wanted to bitch slap her (not the first time I've wanted to do that). I have to walk out of the room, cause her and I could really go at it and it would stress my father out tremendously, she won't act like an adult, so I must.. nothing new for me!

There's been conflicting information given, so I'm kind of playing it all by ear right now... Weds, I'm going to take my daughter to Tempe for an orientation for the Peace Corps. She was supposed to go Tuesday in Vegas and really was bummed that she wasn't going to be able to go, but we found out there's one on Weds in Tempe, so I'll take her there if she wants.

The boy has the a/c on here in the hotel room which has the room like an ice cube! He's trying to freeze us out for sure.

Dad was very happy to see the kids, so it's worth it coming here even though we probably will be hurting finacially for a few months trying to catch up, but in case he doesn't make it, it's important that the kids have this time with him. They are very close to him.
Minden Dude called me around 9 to let me know that he was nearing home. I was worried as a storm was rolling in up there and I knew he would be driving in it. I really like him, however well.. to be graphic... the sex could be better, uhh.. much better. There wasn't really any passion and I need passion, kissing and all that.

He'll probably be back down in March, for the gun show in Vegas. He called me babe when he wanted me to come to him, he made sure when we were walking (when we went out) that my hand was tucked into his arm, so everyone knew I was with him. He wore his colors every where... (Ok, what are colors... He belongs to a Motorcycle Club, like let's say.. the Hell's Angels, though that's not the club he belongs too.. every motorcycle club has colors, their emblem. Both him and I have experience with the HA's (which I really shouldn't mention but I think I am safe on my own freaking blog) and his club is in both California and Nevada, but for now I'll keep the club name to myself, just in case since right now I'm so close to it) so, he wore his colors every where we went. Thus if anyone else was out and about, they would see me on his arm and think I belonged to him, which means that I am left alone.. but I don't belong to him, at least not now... oh well, not like we went to the places that I know others like him would be.. I kind of played stupid when he asked where we could find them... we did go to my regular friday night place to sing and he and his friend were quite surprised that I could sing!

I told him that I was average, but they both thought I was much more than average. He wants me to come up to Minden and sing with some of his brothers (brothers=motorcycle club guys)I guess one of them has a band or something and he says, "You'd put Doc to shame with your voice!" Problem is, I sing only country... well, some Elton John and if they don't know the music how can I sing?

He said he wasn't disappointed, that yes, I was a bit heavier since the last time he saw me (uhh...12 years ago!) but since I was working on it, he was fine with it. I think the last time I had my band tightened that she tightened it too tight. Everything I eat, I throw up. It was pretty embarassing last night when we were at dinner. I kept having to go to the bathroom. If I was skinny, you'd think I was anorexic and I think I've lost a lot more weight this month as the fat under my arms looks grosser than usual.. you know, the bat wings? I did go to the electronics store with him and his friend and while they were looking at computer stuff, I went to where the Wii stuff (of course) was and looked for another work out Wii game. I found one that I think will be perfect for me! If you watch "The Biggest Loser" then you'd be familiar with the female trainer, Jillian (I think that's how to spell her name) well, it just so happens that she has a Wii game out!! You use it with the Wii fit and there are 3 different things to do, one is weight loss workout, another is strength building and the third is cardio (I think) it's the weight loss workout that attracted me to it the most, plus I have seen from watching the show, what she has done for others, it's incredible!

I think I have an appt this week for my band, but I need to rescedule it of course. I was pretty anxious though to go, to see how much weight I have actually loss this month, I think it's going to be more than my usual 8-10 pounds, due to not being able to keep anything down. (well, I did eat some jelly beans the other day and didn't throw those up! Great, lots of calories!)But, they won't tighten it this next visit, since I'm having trouble keeping food down... Usually by the 3rd week of having it tightened, I eat more than I am supposed to, which I think is the reason I only average 8-10 pounds a month, though they tell me that I am right on target, that it is average and I am losing it like I should, slowly. We shall see next time I get weighed!

Ok, so I need to post about Monday Giveaway....


annie kelleher said...

wow... lots going on, huh? hang in there and let me know if wednesday still works for you... xox... annie

Lea said...

Too much going on! I think we will have to reschedule AGAIN! Not sure Weds will work for me.