Sunday, February 22, 2009

Monday Giveaway and Product Review...

Since I'm not home this week and I didn't seem to get much response to the book I'm offering, I've decided to let it go for another week... Please visit Monday Giveaway to see what the book is about, especially if you have children or grandchildren!

I think I mentioned that I won't be able to ship the last winners their items for another week, please understand! I will ship them out as soon as I return to Vegas, I promise! I believe I have every one's address that I need.

Next Monday I have something in mind that I think many will really like! In the meantime, if you follow this blog and you want in on the giveaways and product reviews, please make sure you follow the other blog, since that is where all of it will be from now on, other than reminders here of the new page.

I'm working real hard (or I was till my family stuff came up) on getting some unique items for reviews and giveaways. If you have a unique item, perhaps you have handmade items that you have listed on Etsy or eBay and would like some exposure, I will gladly review your item(s)and offer a giveaway to my readers.

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