Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I made a promise..

To Maggie of Okay,fine,dammit that I would participate/contribute to her project, Violence Unsilenced.

Though it's been years since my DV (domestic violence) experince, it feels like yesterday still. The wounds are still raw, thus I haven't been able to begin telling my story, but I promised, so I will be doing it.

I'll even think about posting it here, once it's done. It may be pretty graphic, however I cannot sugar coat it. It's important that others know, they are not alone, that there are ways out and they never have to live that kind of life again, afraid for their lives and even their childrens lives.

I've added her button to the site on top of everything else, as you can see.. that's how important it is to me.

If you are a survivor of DV, if you are going through it now and don't know how to get out of it and would like to contribute your story, please contact Maggie at one of the links I've provided above, or click on her button. You can submit your story anonomously if you are still in the relationship, she will protect your anonimity.

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