Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My sister just called hysterical, she's a bit dramatic, though I can't really blame her at this time...

My father will be having surgery next week, she doesn't know which day. They will be implanting the LVAC. I've googled it a few times and there really is nothing on the web about it, just a few snippets here and there..

Basically, they call this a bridge to transplant. It does for the heart, what the heart can no longer do for itself, pumps blood and makes your heart work, keeping you alive, while waiting for a transplant. I can't find the statistics regarding the actual surgery, though I suspect it is like any open heart procedure, 50/50 chance of getting off the table. However, because he is so sick, his chances may be slimmer. Life expentancy with an LVAC (or as the web calls it, LVAD) is 5 years. I think I've blogged about this already, but now it's a definite, with a date set and everything.

I may go down next week, the day before the surgery if I can get a date of when it is. The kids don't like to go down there, but they will to see their grandfather. They'll have to miss school, but my father is worth it and if I have enough time notice, I can get their school work for the days we would be gone. It's just that it is so expensive for me to go there, have to eat out, pay for gas and hotel.. but Dad is worth it. I sent a message to Minden dude, asking him if he would consider going there this weekend, on saturday. I'm sure he'll think about it and he may say yes. If it's a no, then I'll just go the day before Dad's surgery. I know that if I don't see him before the surgery and he doesn't make it off the table, I will regret it.

But, I have a good feeling. While this is major surgery and the risks are high, I have a good feeling in my gut, that he will make it through the surgery and as I told my sister, in a month he will be back to his old self yelling at us as normal. I got her calmed down finally.

It's not in my hands, I am completely powerless over this and know all I can do is keep praying for him, so if you are so inclined to, please send prayers his way, light a candle, think positive thoughts.. his name is Frank. Whatever it is that you do to send good thoughts and all that jazz, please do so. Thank you.


annie kelleher said...

happy thoughts, distance reiki, healing energy... you got it :). just remember to breathe.

Lea said...

Thank you Annie, I just knew I could count on you.