Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ok Bloggyland..

Apparently there are rules in bloggy land contest/giveaways. Have you seen them? I haven't, but that doesn't mean they do not exist.

I was just told that it is my responsibility to contact the winner of my giveaways and not up to them to go through the 100's of entries they submitted...

My feeling is if you enter 100 contests, it is FAR more time consuming to do so, then to go back and see if you won.

I asked the woman who says there are bloggy rules to send them to me... Now, I ask you all if you know of bloggy rules, to please send them to me. God forbid I do something wrong like on Etsy...

Is there nothing else out there in the world to worry about, then what they hell I am doing?


Jess to the Lo said...

This is my first stop here. But I wanted to put my two sense in!

ALL the contests I have seen and entered have been ones that the blog owner posts the winners in a blog post and asks them to contact her/him. I have never seen a situation where the blog owner is supposed to contact the winner! Maybe, on your next contest put a disclaimer to the effect of saying you will post the winners here and expect them to check back.

Weird people, entering over 100 contests and thinking it's too much work to check back to see if they won! Wow! What nerve!!!

Lea said...

Some people have nothing else to do but cause trouble. I think I do put something on my contest blog to check back on Weds when the winner will be announced.

annie kelleher said...

any time i have tagged anyone for a meme or given them an award, i let them know it in a comment and i announced it on my blog. i didn't know there were RULES though!!! yikes!!!!

JoeinVegas said...

The rules on the internet are that there are no rules. It's your contest, people have to do what you say, if they don't like it they can go someplace else.
If your rule is that they have to come back and check then that's what has to be done. I've been to raffles in stores and casinos that specifically say 'winner must be present to win', so you kind of are saying something similar: "it's not up to me to tell you and hold your hand, check for yourself stupid"

Lea said...

I've experienced the same thing, Joe. Like I said, some people just want to cause trouble. Between that woman and the one from Etsy... it's a joke.

Ginny said...

Most blogs contact the winner, but there are some that make the winner check back.

If you prefer to have the winner check back, then make sure you state it in the contest so the people entering know to check back.

It is also nice if they left a website in there comment reply, to link it in the winning post. A lot of blog/website owners have filters to search for there url being posted. That way a search will notify them they won something.

With bloggy contests, you basically can make your own rules. It is your blog & you are the one giving away something. If someone mentioned rules to you, I think they meant etiquette not rules.

Take care! Sorry I missed your contest. Just to many to get through in 5 days!