Thursday, January 29, 2009


I went to the doctors yesterday and she put me back on my meds. I'm quite bummed about it, since one of them is a pill that makes you gain weight.. But I suppose it'll be better than laying in bed crying all day long.

I know I need to let them kick in for a few weeks. So no mental hospital just yet.

Thank you to my bloggyland friends, you have been so wonderful.


Yaya said...

Yup, meds vs healthy weight...I choose meds.

Lea said...

I'll tell my story later tonight or tomorrow and you'll know why I am real hesitant to be on these meds!

Thanks for the hugs Yaya!

lisa24n7 said...

(((hugs from the east coast)))) hang in there my friend :o)

Lea said...

The east coast Lisa?? I'm jealous, I miss the east coast! Thanks for the hugs

annie kelleher said...

big hugs and healing thoughts to you!!! hang in there honey!!! good drugs work ... anyone who says drugs dont work hasnt found the right combination ;)!

Lea said...

Thanks Annie, you're so sweet. I am enjoying getting to know you and lisa and YaYa and a few others!