Sunday, January 25, 2009

In my attempt to help others

I was reported to Etsy as spam or something of that sort. Other than the Etsy stores that have been so kind as to hopefully allow me to do reviews and giveaways for them, I will no longer work with Etsy, including opening up my own store there when I get my inventory of candles up.

I have a feeling I know who reported me as spam, as she claimed that no one asks for a sample to giveaway to a lucky reader. All I can say is Karma sucks. It's too bad as everyone I contacted was very nice, even when they said that they couldn't do giveaways or send samples. I would never be anything but gracious to those who couldn't or wouldn't want to be involved, although at this moment I do feel like writing her a not so nice letter, but that will pass and as I said, karma does suck.

I'm not sure now how or who to contact so that I can continue to pay it forward, but if anyone has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate them. I'm saddened that one woman couldn't simply say no, but had to report me as "spam". Even after I answered all her questions, including sending a link to my Dot Girl review and my blog.

On another note, tomorrow if I'm still not so bummed out, I have another review and giveaway to present to you. It's pretty cool and I'm not actually sure how they got my name and address to send me samples for a giveaway and review, but I think you will like them!


JoeinVegas said...

It's not Etsy's fault you were reported, don't blame them. If you want to try selling your candles there do not let this stop you. Just because one person sucks doesn't mean everyone is like that.

Lea said...

You're right Joe, though I'm kind of burned at Etsy right now, I will get over it and probably end up selling my candles there. I have been getting some emails from folks who DO want to participate from Etsy, so yes, not everyone sucks!