Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why I want to do product reviews and giveaways

I'm often asked why I do product reviews and giveaways.

The answer is very simple.

Pay it forward.

I have had a few people help me with various business's and other things and I made myself a promise that as soon as I could I would begin paying forward their kindness.

There are still wonderfully kind and generous people in the world and I would like to be one of them, so this is my way of doing so. Helping others whether they are just beginning or have been in business for a while now, I felt this was the best way to pay it forward.

So there you have it. Pay it forward. I encourage everyone to do the same if at all possible.


annie kelleher said...

that is a lovely reason for doing both and i commend you!!! today i am going to concentrate on picking up buttons for my blog... if you pick up mine i'll give you THREEEE extra entries in my superawesome giveaway!!!! :))))

The Rambler said...

Love the idea!

Can you imagine if everyone paid it forward?

Whoa :)