Sunday, January 25, 2009

I still feel bad

That someone had to try to attempt to spoil the fun for my readers and my paying it forward desire.

I'm trying very hard to let go of that feeling, it's just been a bit difficult. This is something I've been working real hard on, wanting to make other happy and to have fun. My life, if you have read my blog from the beginning (even my other blog at Live Journal) has been hard, to say the least and I just wanted to do something fun and provide my readers with something fun.

I feel like the rug has been taken right from under me and it's not a good feeling. I'm very angry at the person who I believe did this, but because I am not completely sure it was her (though from her response to my email to her originally, I do think it was her)so, I cannot say anything to her, not that I would, I'm just not really like that. I CAN be, if I feel like I've been taken advantage of, but in this case I suppose she felt like she was taken advantage of, even though anyone I emailed had every right to say no and all I did was wish them luck and if they ever felt like they'd like to work with me, to just email me.

So, bloggyland, how do you get rid of this feeling of such anger and sadness all at the same time?

I really hope that after this next giveaway, I'll be able to do more. Wish me luck.



Yaya said...

That totally sucks :(
I'm sorry that someone else is wearing you down.

Lea said...

Thank you Yaya. It is my readers like you who bring me hope and I know you all will help me to get over this.

Maybe it just means something better is to come along!

Jessi Dawn said...

Well, I'm not sure what happened (since I just now found your blog), but I am sorry you are hurting. That is never any fun. Hope you worked things out and are doing better.

Thanks for jumping on board on my site!