Saturday, December 20, 2008

Santa and FedEx..

Yeah. Yesterday FedEx didn't leave my daughters new power cord for her computer on my doorstep, making me instead go today and wait in line for 45 minutes (because why on earth on Saturday before Christmas would they have more than 2 customer service people waiting on customers?)

5 people in front of me is Santa. Yeah. Santa. Dude, it was Santa. I swear. All dressed up and at Fedex... I SWEAR it was Santa. Big dude, in a red suit with a red hat and a real beard, not those beards you see on those fake Santa's, a REAL.BEARD. Looks like he lost about 20 pounds, but it was Santa.

I know, you don't believe. I didn't either. In fact it was quite distressing to see him at Fedex, but dude has a ton of places to go on Christmas, so I can see why he would be sending some packages out Fedex... really.

And if seeing him wasn't proof... while my back was turned and he was walking out the door and everyone was saying goodbye Santa, he let out his..


The hair on the back of my neck and arms, stood up.

It was Santa and no one can tell me otherwise

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