Sunday, December 28, 2008

Call me crazy...

But I signed up for January's NaBloPoMo. The theme is Change. Not sure that I can come up with a post everyday about Change, but I'll do my best to. Most the time I post everyday, so at least I'll be following that part of it.

I'm not up to writing anymore at this time about my father. My posts of late have just been such downers and while I NEED to get that stuff out of me, so it doesn't fester, I think I am going to try to give it a rest for a few days..

I'm still in Phx, leaving on Monday while the boy will stay till the 3rd of January. A nice break for us all, the girl and me especially.. perhaps we can get some things down around the house, like get his presents out of the living room, then do a good cleaning of it, since it's gone down the drain concerning being clean. He dominates the living room and I can't stand it. So, I'm going to buy myself a new TV, give him my 17" one and move his XBox into his room.. not to mention I really really really want a Wii and the Wii fit and since there is NO room in my own room for it, it will be going into the living room and maybe I can get my living room back!

I thought I lost my wallet tonight. I was freaking out, since the kids and my own social security cards are in it, my drivers license, all my debit cards and some other important things... Somehow it had fallen out of my purse and was under my sisters car I parked next to her, than went to my passenger side and grabbed my things, It didn't even occure to me to look under her car until I got home from karoake... and there it was. Yay!! Boy that was a scary thing, no id which means I couldn't even get a new license and I was afraid that someone would use the kids security cards for theft.. My debit cards are all maxed out, so I wasn't worried about those, but my check book and drivers license is in it, so that has me a bit worried but now I don't have to worry! Yay me!

Even though it's not January, here's some change... the kids social security cards, along with mine and some other things are coming out of my wallet and placed into a card holder that usually sits at the bottom of my purse, I think that will work out better, either that or I'm going to file them in the filing cabinet, just to be save.. yeah, that's probably a better idea.

Thank you to everyone who wished me well wishes, I greatly appreciate it. It really means a lot to me, helps my spirits. Thank you!

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JoeinVegas said...

There is no reason at all to carry those things around. Just file them at home, nobody needs to see them anyway. One less thing to carry, less to worry about.