Thursday, December 25, 2008

And so another Christmas ends

The kids loved everything they received. We had our traditional bagel,cream cheese and lox for breakfast and then I went to go back and lay down. Instead of going back to sleep, I of course had to open up the laptop. Duh! So, finally at 11:15 I closed the laptop and my eyes, only to have my daughter wake me up at 11:30 to let me know that dinner was at 3pm at her friends house. UGH!

So, I got my fat...err lazy ass out of bed, to make the spinach dip and cut the sourdough bread, take a shower, put some makeup on and off I went. The boy asked if he could go to his best friends house and so he did that. I seriously took a valium, because for some reason I don't socialize quite well with others. Seriously, I don't. Small talk does nothing for me, but bore me. Give me a deep intellectual conversation anytime and I'm gnawing on it like a dog on a bone.

I got there, with spinach dip in hand and a couple of candles, around 2pm. The woman had not even begun dinner, other than mash potatoes! And no turkey :( she made Cornish hens instead. (since my surgery, I am unable to keep chicken down). I can't remember her name, of course, but she was nice enough. I helped her get the stuff ready to put in the oven, but dinner wasn't at 3pm..

While waiting for the tiny little chickens to cook, they brought out a game called Partini. I'm also not one for board games (I know, what the hell DO I like you're asking yourself right about now) But I have to tell you, Partini was a lot of fun.

I was a bit uncomfortable at the dinner table, once we finally sat down for dinner at 6pm, yeah, you read that right, 6pm, NOT 3pm!!!!!! One of the boys kept farting at the table and the father I got pretty bad vibes from. While I understand we all have to pass gas, personally I think you should get up from the table and go poo if you are going to have THAT much gas. Bah.

The valium kicked in, sometime while waiting for dinner, so I engaged in small talk. Yeah, me, small talk, engaging in it... My daughter says as we were leaving..

"My mom doesn't like people, but she did really good this time"

Ever feel like putting your kid back where they came from?

But all in all it was a nice Christmas. And some other news?? In the next post. Heh


JoeinVegas said...

Hope the Arizona trip works out. Merry Christmas!

Lea said...

Thank you. It's really not working out well, as you might read in my latest post.

It's just been a very sad time and I simply don't know how to make it change... though I am going out tonight, meet some new people, sing some karaoke, maybe get my mind off all that is happening.

And, Monday I'll be making the drive back to home alone. The boy will be staying here till the 3rd, which is awesome and means I can clean my living room COMPLETELY, moving all his presents into his room, cleaning behind the couches and other things that desperately need to be done. So, for that I am grateful.

Thank you for the well wishes.