Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The first Christmas post of 2008

Oh, come on in, sit down if you can find some room. As you can see I've redecorated AGAIN and Christmas really hasn't come, well its midnight now, but the kids are asleep and no presents have been open.. I didn't do much this year, wasn't quite in the mood actually, but here, let me show you a few things, just to keep the spirit of Christmas going... I'll see how I feel in the morning if I take pictures of the kids opening their presents. What? You think I'm a bad mom? Hell, I've been taking pictures of them for 18 and 13 years at Christmas.. doesn't it ever end?

Ok, enough of my bitching let me show you a few things..

This was the fake tree that someone gave us a few years ago. When we put it up, we found that it was broken, so it's been leaning against the wall this whole time, but the moment I began putting presents under it, it decided to fall over. Yeah. FALL.OVER.
See that bright light to the right of the tree? Can you see it? Well, that's my lighted star that fell over when the tree fell over. Yeah. I didn't feel like messing with the tree any more and was worried that it would fall again if I tried to fix the star.. so I left it there. Nice, eh?

Be careful where you walk, seems some ornaments broke and I'm just not going to vacuum at midnight. See those three stockings? The polka dot one is the girls, the one with the green bow is the boys and yeah.. the one with the peace dove on it is mine (say hi to Buddha). Notice that the stocking looks like they have stuff in them? At least the two end ones. The middle one? Mine? Nada. Not even a clump of coal.

Just in case you want a close up of my stocking (remember to be careful, broken ornaments and such)See, it's empty. Bah.

And to make up for all of it, the boy received 50$ from my mother for Christmas and asked me to take him shopping for his sister. I told him I knew exactly what she wanted, which was this huge blush brush that powder comes out of and it wasn't very expensive at all. I knew this because we had just got back from the market and it was there. So I took him there and waited in the car for him to come out. He took forever and I was getting cold...

Then he knocks on the back window to open the back of the Jeep. Confused, since the blush brush was small enough for him to put in the front seat with us, I unlocked it for him..

And because he had no where to hide it, he decided to give me my Christmas present early...

Heh. He barely fits on my bed. He's the same size almost of the boy who is 5'6. He's soft and cuddly and is taking up most of my bed as I write this. The boy says now I have something to cuddle with at night...

Gotta love a child who spends his Christmas money on others instead of himself. Maybe I AM raising him right..

Happy Holidays everyone!


Sprite's Keeper said...

Your son is wonderful and now you have a cuddle bear. At least, it doesn't fart, right? Happy Holidays!

Lea said...

Yes, for the most part he is wonderful! Thank you!...

Woke up this morning to find Bear on the floor. I must have kicked him out of bed sometime during the night.

No wonder I'm single. Bah.

Merry Christmas!