Thursday, November 20, 2008


In 2006, my kids and I took a few summer vacations, something up till then they hadn't had the opportunity or money for a vacation, but thanks to my grandmother we were able to enjoy ourselves. Before that, a few weekend trips to Utah and the year before gram died we drove down to Los Angeles every 3rd weekend to see her, but we can't count those as vacations.

We spent a week at Disneyland, another week at
Del Mar on the Beach Which totally rocks, if I do say so myself. And another week at Mi Wuk Village Which so totally rocks more than the other 2.

So for as long as I can drag this posting each day, this month for NaBloPoMo, I'm going to post some of my favorite pictures from those trips, beginning with Del Mar. (btw, if you ever want to stay in Del Mar, stay at the link I provided above. A little wrink a dink, but it is right on the water and we had an awesome time there)

Life, in the vacation lane.

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