Friday, November 21, 2008

The boys report card...

2 F's, a D, 2 C's and one A.

I understand that he missed a lot of school this first 1/4, due to us going back and forth to Phx. What I don't understand is why he didn't pick up his missing assignments and due them.

He claims that there was too much too do in three days (which is the amount of time he has to makeup work) He says that he turned some of it in.. but apparently not enough.

I'm seriously thinking about home schooling him.. anyone have any experience with home schooling good and bad? Share please!


Hockeyman said...

No experience with home school, but I fear the lack of social interaction that comes from it. Just my opinion though. School can be tough, I certainly struggled in high school and never made it through college but I am successful in a professional career. I found with school it's about the motivation. As a boy, girls, or lack of, played a big role in my distractions. Perhaps the same is happening here?

Anonymous said...

i tried homeschooling with my son for the same reasons, no motivation, couldn't complete assignments, etc. I was in college at the time and thought it would be great to take him with me and have him work on an assignment at the library while i was in class, then we could go over it while i was on a break etc. He was 14 (freshmen) at the time.

It was horrible. he couldn't finish his work. Didn't care to learn anything. Thought that the whole thing was a joke. I put him back in school the next year. I am completely undisciplined--so that didn't help, but in my experience and with others i know, it just doesn't work out unless you start off early and have a major set routine.

My son had other problems, he is bipolar and was in a major depression that year. he was totally unmotivated to do ANYTHING. So we did have some extra challenges.

Lea said...

Hockeyman: Thanks for your comment. One of the reasons I've been hesitant in homeschooling him, is the lack of socialization and learning socialing skills by being with others the same age as himself.. However, he does have quite a few friends he spends a lot of time with now and I don't think that would change, one of the boys he spends most of his time with is homeschooled and the parents say it's going really well. I also struggled in high school and dropped out in 12th grade, I finally at 33 went and got my GED! As for distraction, it's more on the lines of simply not wanting to do the work and wanting to skateboard only.

jjt1:Thank you also for your comment. Here lies the second reason I've been hesitant to put homeschool is I am also very undisciplined and not sure that I'd be able to follow through. I'm home all day, so it's not the time needed it's me being strong enough to make him do the work and such. Unfortunately, I am a single mother so there's no help - I'm always the bad guy, no matter what.

Oh and the boy is ADHD and being bipolar myself, I am seeing signs in him that quite possibly may be bipolar. He is the same age (13) that I was when first diagnosed. He's going to the doctor in Dec, so I am going to see if we can test him.