Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In keeping up with NaBloPloMo...

I have a feeling that this month, having the pressure of writing everyday, after taking the challenge from NaBloPloMo to post every day for a month, my blogging will be rather boring.

I seem to have caught writers block. But, in keeping with my promise, I'll try to do the best I can, so as not to send you off in snore mode.

My father is on his way for his weekly checkup at the hospital, hopefully every thing will be ok and they won't keep him there, he gets so depressed when he is stuck in the hospital and I really believe that it brings him so down that he gets weaker. I can't imagine having to spend so much time in the hospital... All he really wants to do is spend time away from there. He does get stronger when he isn't in the hospital, which is very important, as he needs all his strength for when they find him a donor heart.

He's suppose to ask the doctor if he can come up here to Vegas, for one day to watch the girl graduate in June.. but who knows what will happen between now and June 12th. With any luck he will finally get his donor heart... however that will probably prevent him (if he gets it close to that date) from attending her graduation. She's pretty bummed that he might not make it for her graduation, but I am keeping positive thoughts that he will be able to. Of course I can take pictures, but that's just not the same.

She just texted me and she got her report card, all A's and B's other than PE which she got a D in, but that's because she missed a lot of school, due to us going so much to PHX. I'm dreading seeing Chance's grades. He also missed quite a bit of school, but hopefully he will get at least C's on his. I'm not upset about Tessa's D in PE, I understand - but I am so proud of her for her other grades and let her know.

Ok, so this counts as another day of NaBloPloMo, boring or not, at least I am keeping my commitment.

Life, in the NaBloPoMo lane...


Kelley said...

NaBloPoMo sucks.

But this post wasn't boring!

I hope they find your father a heart very soon so he is up and well enough to see your daughter graduate.

Lea said...

Thank you!