Monday, November 24, 2008

NaBloPoMo..I think I missed a day or two..

Oh well, I blogged more than once, in one day a few times, so that has to count for something.

Lately I've been taking to watching Ellen DeGeneres. i never realized she was so freaking funny! She really is, I laugh everytime I watch her. Dude, if I could hang out with her, she'd probably have me laughing so hard I'd pee my pants.

Today, she was here in Vegas, taping her show at Cesar's Palace. In the showroom built originally for Celine Dion, but now being used by Bette Midler mostly and occasionally by Cher and Elton John. 4000 people in the audience, it was pretty cool.

As one of her guest, she had Bette Midler on and some magician. Bette is a fabulous comedian, singer and actress, I really enjoy her.. She also gave a woman from the audience 1000$ to play blackjack. The woman had never played and didn't know how to play, so Ellen coached her from the showroom. Ellen had her put the entire 1000$ in. She lost the hand. Then some dude gave her another 1000$ and she blackjacked on that, giving her 2000$, which Ellen told her to let it ride. She lost. One more time the dude gave her 1000$, the woman played it all and won... Ellen had her stop there and the woman got to keep the 2000$. I thought that was pretty cool of her.

As her last guest, she had Pink on. Now, I've never been fond of Pink for some odd reason, I'm a rather eclectic in my taste of music, Country and Western is my main staple, but usually when I take road trips I also listen to classic rock, blues, folk music and stuff like that.. Now, one day the girl was playing a song, slow one, that caught my ear and I asked her who that was and it was Pink. The song she was playing was, Dear Mr President lyrics. I really liked it, but not enough to go buy the CD. Today she sang So What lyrics (you can see the video to it at So What Video), it's awesome, so right now I have 2 favorite songs happening... Toby Keith "She never cried in front of me" and Pinks "So What".

While watching the video I realized that I knew the man in it, but I never knew he was Pinks husband. It's Carry Hart of Hart and Hunington Tattoo located in the Palms Hotel. Carry Hart is YUMMY! Apparently they are still very close, though separated and the song is about him (you really have to read the lyrics and watch the video, even if you don't like that kind of music). I'd love to get tattoo'ed by him, but he doesn't tattoo. (I've been wanting to open a tattoo parlor, but have been discouraged from doing so because I'm not a tattoo'er.. but Carry isn't either and he now has parlors in Florida, Cabo, Vegas and Hawaii, but he has the money to do it and I don't, que sera sera)

Of course I went out and bought the CD, well I got two of them, one for the girl even though she was with me, she didn't notice I bought two.. it'll go in her stocking. As soon as we got in the car, we stuck the CD in and turned it up full blast and began the short trek home singing to it at the top of our lungs. We didn't have far and I wanted to hear the entire song, so I took a detour. Tomorrow, I am calling my Karaoke store and find out if they have it. I SO want to Karaoke it.

And I think I might go to Hart and Huntington Tattoo for my next tattoo, unless of course their prices are way too high. I still need to post a picture of my newest tattoo. Wait, actually I have a picture of it, the one that was used to create mine.. hmm.. let me find it.. This is her, although I don't have the larger flower that seems to rest on her wings, I wanted it a bit different, so it is just to the right of her legs and much smaller than the one in the picture. She's still healing. My next tattoo is going to be either three peacock feathers on my forearm.. or a red bow on the back of my legs, down near my feet, like I am wearing stockings with little bows on them.

So, this should cover NaBlowMe Month for the day. But I feel more chatty, so maybe I might post something else. I still owe Pre 9/11, part 2, but I'm not up to writing about that at the present time, hopefully in the next few days I'll get it done.

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