Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My father has been admitted back into the hospital. He had my sister call me to let me know and to tell me not to come down that he would only be in there for a few days. I suppose it's routine and something I guess will need to be done every few weeks or once a month...

They are probing his heart, making sure it is still functioning at 10% and hasn't gone lower. They also do this thing where they take his blood out, remove the water from it and put the blood back in him. He swells up with water really bad, his calves and feet get huge and it's painful for him. A few times one of his calves swelled up so badly that they literally exploded, causing an even more painful sore.

He doesn't want me to rush down there, so I'll just stay up here and impatiently wait. If it gets worse, we will go down.

The girl has her play this week, beginning tomorrow. Usually I go opening night, but I'll probably wait till Saturday. I'm not sure what would happen regarding a grade in theatre if all of the sudden we had to go down to Phx again and she can't be in the play. I think she would opt to stay home actually, since I usually give her the choice to come or not (though she must come with us during thanksgiving and the last time I didn't give her the choice because the doctors truly thought he would not make it through the weekend) She hates hospitals, but none of us like them and heh.. she hates thanksgiving too, so that weekend she's pretty much SOL. I'm not sure why she doesn't like thanksgiving, maybe because she's a vegetarian - but there's other food as we all know, not just turkey! She use to love turkey and one day she just stopped liking turkey and chicken and a month or so later she stopped all meat. It's difficult though, she eats too much carbs - pasta is her big thing, I can't get her to eat more veggies, even though I stock the fridge with veggies and fruits, specifically for her (ok, ok and for me too since I like to eat a lot of fruit) yet she would eat mac n cheese or Panda express every night if I let her.

Please send prayers and positive thoughts for my father.


Josh Dermer said...

You have my prayers.

Lea said...

Thank you.

Lea said...
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